Zeppelin Attack

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Monkey Samurai CatapultWe like zeppelins. If we could get zeppelins for our birthdays, we’d do it, but since that wasn’t possible, we decided to go for the next best thing—a zeppelin game. The game that would eventually become Zeppelin Attack! has been through so many iterations that we almost named it Zeppelin Attack Junior. First it was a brawler, designed by the awesome Jeff Tidball, and called Zeppelin Armada. We loved a lot of things about that game, but ultimately decided that we were approaching the concept the wrong way.

Then Eric B. Vogel leapt into the fray with cardtastic fists of fury. We went through more changes, and then we changed some things, and then for a change, we changed the changes. He presented a ground-up fresh deck-building design, which made us happy, but still managed to send us a game with only 112 cards in the core game and plenty of replayability. If you like deck-builders like Dominion and Ascension, we’re willing to bet you’ll like this one.

Not familiar with those games? Here’s what to expect: this is a game you can pop in your pocket and play in less than an hour. You’ll play one of four villainous masterminds from the Spirit of the Century world: Gorilla Khan, Jacqueline Frost, Der Blitzmann, or the Walking Mind. Command a fleet of zeppelins; launch powerful attacks, and utilize strange defenses. It’s a game that we’re proud of and excited to play. And did we mention that there are zeppelins?