Young Centurions Expands To Storium


While the Young Centurions RPG continues in playtesting and development, we’ve had our eyes on giving folks other ways to engage with the setting beyond tabletop. We’ve already been looking to the young adult novel series as one way—we released Sally Slick and the Steel Syndicate late last year, and will be working on Sally Slick and the Miniature Menace too in 2014. And together that could be enough for us — but we’ve had our eyes on ways to do more.

And thus enters Storium.

Storium is a new kind of thing in gaming and writing, a collaborative story-telling site featuring a variety of worlds to play in. It lives in that fruitful space between the two, and rises well above a simple sum of both activities. Fate Core lead system developer Lenny Balsera said it best in his Daily Illuminator update from his day-job over at Steve Jackson Games:

“[Storium is] addictive and compelling. It’s similar to play-by-post, which makes it low impact for folks with busy schedules, but it uses RPG-like tools to help focus what individual scenes are about and create suspenseful, varied outcomes. … This is the kind of innovation the hobby needs to carry it forward—collaborative storytelling that anybody can do anywhere, at any time.”

And today, Storium announced a new stretch goal for its Kickstarter campaign: a Storium World set in our own Young Centurions setting, created by Carrie Harris herself (author of the Sally Slick novels, co-author of the Young Centurions RPG, and Evil Hat’s own head of marketing).

We’re excited about this, to be sure. Our hobby does its best work when it’s innovating and pushing for new horizons, and boy howdy is Storium one of the ways that’s happening. Our own work with Young Centurions has been with a similar idea in mind, looking for new ways to reach out to new players and bring them in. Combining the two just makes sense!

For those of you excited about the overarching Spirit of the Century setting that Young Centurions is an earlier part of, it’ll be another way to explore our world. Players of the Young Centurions Storium world will get a chance to experience — and define — what other members of the Century Club were up to in their early years. As Storium players, you’ll live the lives of teenage Mack Silver,  Benjamin Hu, Bulls-Eye Gutierrez, and others, as they wander the world and stumble into adventure in parallel with Sally Slick and Jet Black’s adventures in the Sally Slick novel series… and you’ll get to see another dimension of a story-line that will cross over into the novels, to boot.

This is an exciting time to be a gamer, and we hope you’ll join us as we help the Storium Kickstarter campaign stretch to even greater heights. We’ll see you there — onward and upward!