Why Tie-in Fiction is So Great…and Not Just Because It’s on Sale

If you subscribe to our newsletter (and if you don’t, you can do that here), you’ve probably already seen our holiday sale announcement. We’re discounting all our RPG tie-in fiction as well as some other remainders we’ve found hiding in the corners at our distribution center. Because we like you. And we’re making space for the Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game, plus the bijillion other awesome games we’re working on. And because tie-in fiction is awesome.

Of course, if you’re anything like us Hatters, you’ve already got plenty of ideas for campaigns. You don’t need a book to inspire you. Frankly, you’ve got more ideas than you can handle. Ideas are practically pouring out of your…uh…pores. You’re like a factory of pore-producing ideas. Adding another one to the pile is the last thing you need.

BUT. There are other uses for tie-in fiction. You know that person in your life who loves a lot of the same things you love and who would probably be an epic gamer, if only you could get them to play? Maybe they had a bad junior high D&D experience. Maybe they have a preconceived notion of gaming. Maybe they’re shy. Tie-in fiction can be like a gateway drug for those people, which makes us pushers, so I think I should come up with a different euphemism there.

Sally Slick and the MM CoverBut seriously. Carrie (which would be me) started playing RPGs after binge-reading a couple Dragonlance novels. The series wasn’t done yet, and I was in serious withdrawal when someone told me I could play a game set in that world. I could journey around with Raistlin and Caramon and shake some sense into them. I played once and was immediately hooked. I don’t know if I would have given RPGs a chance if I hadn’t read the books and wanted so badly to step into that world.

Tie-in fiction is a terrific way to bring more people into our hobby, and we want to make that possible. With that in mind, we’re running the aforementioned holiday sale, because when you’ve got a serious RPG habit, the dollars can get slim fast. We want to make it affordable for you to share the awesome. If you check out our Clearance page, you’ll see titles as low as $2 a piece! We’re also running a sale on our newest release, Sally Slick and the Miniature Menace. Haven’t heard of it yet? You can visit the product page for more info, or read the blurb right here:

Every hero has a story. Sally Slick’s is just beginning.

Sally’s frustrated when she’s shut out of the county fair tractor race, but that’s nothing compared to how she feels when the tractor itself goes missing. When she and her stalwart friend Jet Black track it to the grounds of the Circus Europa, they get more than they bargained for. Sally can handle nefarious cultists, mysterious fortune tellers, elephants on the rampage, and high flying aeroplanes, but a chance encounter with a miniaturized menace will change everything she knows about the world.

One small girl can make a big difference.

young centurions coverReaders who like the Sally Slick books might like the Young Centurions RPG. Horror readers might like Don’t Read This Book as a gateway to playing Don’t Turn Your Back or Don’t Rest Your Head. Readers of the Spirit of the Century novels should keep an eye out for the upcoming Shadow of the Century RPG.

Dinocalypse adventure seeds

To further help close the gap, we’ve also created a series of adventure seeds based on the Dinocalypse series of novels. The idea behind these seeds is simple–what if there were different heroes on the scene when the psychic dinosaurs attacked? How would the story change? So you COULD give the books to a non-gamer, and then invite them to play the game and see how different it turns out. You don’t have to read the books to download and play the adventure, but it could make for a terrific road to introduce new people to gaming.

The adventure seeds are available for free download using the links below! If you play them, we’d love to hear how your game turns out.