Characters: White Court Vampire

White Court vampires walk the line between humanity and monstrousness.  Many of them cross it, towards the latter.  Those who don’t can work as PCs… at least for a time.

White Court Vampire

murder-a-troisOf all the known vampire courts, the White Court vampires perhaps appear to be the weakest, but they are no less deadly. They are also the closest to mortals in behaviors and predilections-but they might best be seen as a separate race, able to interbreed with humans (White Court vampires are born, not made — it’s hereditary). They feed on the strong emotions of their victims, though not always to the point of death, and they can excite these emotions in them as well. Adept at manipulation, White Court vampires rarely take action directly, preferring to act through catspaws and patsies.

The truism “you are what you eat” is rarely more accurate than with the White Court. It’s easy to see the White Court as sex vampires, but that’s only because the majority of those encountered — at least within the clan of House Raith — choose the dark intensity of lust as their primary food-source. As such, the Raiths are masters of seduction, and it’s no mistake that a few of their number have established a presence in adult films. But other dark, intense emotions are viable as well for the White Court: fear, despair, and wrath would all likely work for such creatures, and may well be at the root of the practices of other houses, such as Malvora and Skavis. In the Dresden casefiles, encounters with White Court vampires with other feeding habits are rare, but it’s not much of a stretch to suggest that their approach to life is just a bit different from that of the lust-seeking Raiths.

Regardless, some few of their kind are able to master — or at least, for the time being, resist — the demonic hunger that lives within them. To do so is to live a life of near-starvation. A few manage to find ways around this, feeding off a much larger “herd” in dribs and drabs rather than a single victim in quantity. These are those most likely to be viable as player-characters, as they grip onto the last vestiges of their free will, making the important choice not to kill, every day.

Musts: White Court vampires must take a high concept aspect indicating their heritage (e.g., BLACK SHEEP OF HOUSE RAITH or WHITE COURT DANCER). This aspect may be compelled to represent some of the White Court’s classic weaknesses — true love can burn them (leaving scars that don’t fade), and holy objects and displays of faith at least make them uncomfortable.

Unless it’s not known for some reason, the player should determine and at least sketchily detail the character’s house-family is terribly important to the White Court, if only in a “know thy enemy” sort of way.

In addition, a White Court vampire must take the following abilities:

  • Emotional Vampire
  • Human Guise
  • Incite Emotion (Touch Only)
  • Feeding Dependency, which affects the rest of the abilities listed.
  • Inhuman Recovery
  • Inhuman Speed
  • Inhuman Strength

Options: White Court vampires may upgrade some of their listed abilities. They may take the more expensive versions of Incite Emotion, and can upgrade their Inhuman Recovery to Supernatural Recovery.

In two weeks we’ll continue our journey through the White Court, as we pause to look at its virgins — those who are not yet fully cursed by the court’s power.  See you there.