Characters: The White Court Virgin

Today we continue our trip through the White Court as we talk about those who haven’t yet gone over to the darker side of White — the Court’s virgins.

White Court Virgin

White Court vampirism is a hereditary condition, passed along even when interbreeding with humans, always breeding true. But the condition doesn’t truly take hold until the “virgin” would-be White Court vampire has killed for the first time, with his or her emotion-feeding abilities.

Some vestiges of ability — enough to excite emotion and feed on it — exist prior to that point, and a White Court virgin fully aware of her condition might be able to finesse making use of it in a mostly safe way. Sadly, many pre-adolescent White Court scions are kept in the dark about the true nature of their family-it makes it easier for them to stumble into that first kill, and thus harder for them to fight the reality of their genes. Once the kill is made, this character template is swapped out for the full White Court Vampire template.

There is an escape clause, however — an unblooded White Court virgin does not have the weaknesses of a full vampire. She can experience true love, and if she does — if she experiences true, deep, reciprocated love with another — the curse of her heritage is broken, and she may live life as a normal, regular human. But should she fall in love, however real and true, after her first kill, there is no remedy.

Ah, Family

Musts: White Court virgins must take a high concept aspect indicating their heritage and predicament (e.g., WHITE COURT FAMILY SECRET or I WAS A TEENAGE WHITE COURT VIRGIN). This aspect may be compelled to bring the character’s heritage to the fore, triggering a sudden buried urge to feed, etc.

Unless it’s not known for some reason, the player should determine and at least sketchily detail the character’s house — family is terribly important to the White Court, if only in a “know thy enemy” sort of way.

  • Emotional Vampire
  • Incite Emotion (Touch Only)

Options: If the GM agrees, you can slowly slide your way down the path to your heritage, taking on one or two abilities from the White Court Vampire list-but using them will leave you ravenous and in some pretty dire straits in short order. If doing this, you must take Feeding Dependency as well.

In two weeks we conclude this series with the one you’ve been waiting for — the wizard.