Status Update: The Books Are Still Available!

Hi folks!

I wanted to give folks a quick heads up on what I know right now about the book supply. They are definitely still in print and definitely still available to be bought (at least in some places)! We’re getting down to the wire here on supply, but we should be on a good enough footing that we won’t see more than a two week hiccup in availability at any point.

  • The reprints of both books (another 4,000 Your Story and another 3,500 Our World) are wrapping up middle of next week and will ship out to our new warehouse operation in Indiana then, which will also supply our primary distributor, Alliance (and from them, other distributors as well). So any current hiccups happening in distribution’s supply chain should not last more than a couple weeks from now. At the outside I’d say expect it to take about three weeks from now for a domestic store that’s placed an order with Alliance to get the books in.
  • For direct orders, we are transitioning to a new shipper in Indiana; this means we’re going to have a short time period in which some inventory that hasn’t gotten there yet travels from our current warehouse in Nevada to the new one in Indiana.
  • Later tonight we’re going to be switching off the Evil Hat webstore in order to lock things down for our own shipping reality so we can get the remaining supply directly in Evil Hat’s custody from Nevada to Indiana. That’ll take a week or so in all likelihood.
  • In the meantime you’ll still be able to buy all of Evil Hat’s PDFs from and our books from — while their supply of DFRPG will be small during the transition period, I do think they will have enough to cover a week or more of current direct-sales demand.

Thanks for sticking with us during our growing pains. While it might not sound like it, we’ve done our best to minimize them as much as is possible.

At the end of the day, the important message is: The books are still in print! The books are still available! If your preferred method of getting the books can’t supply them to you currently, please put them in touch with us, and we will get them straightened out!