Unfamiliar Store, Familiar Challenge

So we got this inquiry in our inbox, and thought that you would be able to offer some suggestions. How would you approach this real-world challenge?

I have a bizarre Tues-Sat 3pm-midnight work schedule, so pretty much I’m limited to running games on Sundays or Monday evenings unless people all start suddenly wanting to game at 1am.  We recently moved from Monday evening to Sundays, but about a third of my players have various amounts of trouble with Sunday with Monday having similar problems for some of the “Sundays good” players.

Since both groups are a little smaller than I’d like for running a game, and trying to scrounge up more players has proved to be difficult lately, I can’t see the upcoming holidays helping much.  My local gamestore has been posting to facebook & such about wanting to find someone to run pathfinder games at the store and every time I’ve been over there to ask/check, they have not had the dresden books! 🙁

To solve the smaller than desired group problems I’m thinking about going in there to talk with them on Monday to see if they will give me the empty Monday evening slot of their calendar & a bump on their website/facebook page if I run it there.  I haven’t really lived in the area long and don’t know them much though.  Do you guys have any tips for me in selling them on my Dresden Mondays idea?  (Currently they have no RPG games scheduled for a few months & are down to Heroclix on Sun with Friday/Sat split between cardgames like Magic and Yugioh, so my Monday day off works out nicely with their calendar.)

So that’s the situation. If it was you and this was a new-to-you local store, how would you approach it all?