Characters: True Believers

The Knights of the Cross don’t have the whole market cornered on faith-powered heroics.  They might be the big dogs, but there are plenty of other true believers out there willing to face down the darkness.

True Believer

noble-sacrificeFaith has power in the Dresdenverse, where the strength of your belief can-when focused properly-turn back the tide of darkness. There are special mortals among us whose belief is so strong that it crosses into the territory of true supernatural power. These mortals might be called true believers, for lack of a better term.

At their most extreme, true believers are among those actually called upon by a higher power to take action (and are better represented by the Champion of God). But short of that, these men and women of faith can still give pause to the creatures of the Nevernever, for the strength of their convictions is such that it is a palpable supernatural force.

BILLY: From my reading of the casefiles, this is where I’d put Father Forthill. He might not be a sword-swinging Knight of the Cross, but he’s still someone you’d want at your back when the demons come pounding on the door.

Musts: A true believer must have a high concept aspect that speaks to the strength of his or her abiding faith in a higher power or other similar construct (e.g., MAN OF GOD or ZEN PRIESTESS) — in short, a belief in something powerful and life-affirming beyond oneself. A high Conviction skill (Good or better) is highly recommended.

Additionally, true believers must take the following supernatural abilities:

  • Bless This House
  • Guide My Hand

Options: True believers may also have Righteousness, and a select few might even carry some holy relic, warranting a custom-design Item of Power agreed upon with the GM.

Tune in two weeks down the road to learn the shapes the were-form takes.