Tidbits From our GenCon State of the Hat Panel

Hey folks! Our project manager Sean Nittner is at GenCon right now and he’s the guy who really has all the details, but I wanted to quickly cover some of the stuff Sean talked about at our too-early-on-Thursday State of the Hat panel, since people have questions and I like giving answers. (If you have more questions that aren’t covered here, please ask them in the comments below!)

Company Business

Chris Hanrahan is Evil Hat’s new Vice President. I got into this over on my own blog, Deadly Fredly, just the other day.

We’re continuing to “level up” the new additions to our talent pool thanks to the Fate Adventures & Worlds Patreon campaign. As authors complete their assignments there, they’re up for consideration for further work. Broadening our pool means we widen our potential pipeline for future products.

We’re keeping an eye on diversity by working with authors that are either not currently Fate developers and pairing them with mentors to produce more Fate Worlds & Adventures.

New Projects On the Slate

Please keep in mind that our development-to-production cycle at Evil Hat, when playtesting & all the other stuff beyond the writing & design are factored in, looks to be about a 2-to-3-year cycle. A lot (but not all) of the stuff mentioned here is brand new as far as our work efforts go, or close to it, so please dial your expectations appropriately.

Portal Jumpers: We’re working with Adam Koebel (of Dungeon World) to create a kid-focused game powered by the Apocalypse Engine. Thematically, think of the 1980s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon and the TV show Sliders as touchpoints. Kids jump through portals into new worlds & genres, becoming the heroes those places need as they are transformed.

Fate of Cthulhu: We’re going to tackle the Cthulhu mythos with a new sort of take well-suited to Fate: a modern-day game that, essentially, asks the question, What if Cthulhu was Skynet? Setting and overall creative lead on the team is Stephen Blackmoore, author of the novels Dead Things, Broken Souls, and City of the Lost — not to mention our own Spirit of the Century novel Khan of Mars and a short story found in Don’t Read This Book.

Kaiju Incorporated: A satirical setting about corporate excess and profiteering in the wake of wide-scale kaiju attacks, we’re planning to do this both as a card game (think Pacific Rim meets Wall Street) and a roleplaying game (Pacific Rim meets Ghostbusters). Eric Vogel is working on the card game, while Rob Wieland is taking lead on the RPG.


Fate Accessibility: Fate Accessibility is a handbook for bringing characters with disabilities into your games and players with disabilities to your table, using the Fate system as a lens for both. The project is led by Elsa Henry of Feminist Sonar.

The Dystopian Universe RPG: From the same “near future” setting of Indie Boards and Cards’ games The ResistanceCoupG54, and One Night Revolution, comes a Fate-based game about passionate allegiance and betrayal set in the Paris Nouveau of tomorrow. Setting and rules development from the powerhouse team of Brian Engard and Anna Meade.

Title Mock

Product Updates

Dresden Files Accelerated: As indicated on our Project Status Page, we’re on track to start the beta round of playtesting at the end of August. The team has worked out some great new things based on our last round of feedback and we’re excited to get this in front of another round of testers. We’ll post here on the site when we’re ready to move that process forward.

Bubblegumshoe: This is Evil Hat’s first product to offer our peculiar take on the GUMSHOE system made popular by Pelgrane Press. This game is focused on teenage detective stories like Veronica Mars and Nancy Drew and features some interesting new mechanics (and more lightweight ability list) vs. your usual GUMSHOE fare. The first layout pass by Tiara Lynn Agresta is complete and is getting reviewed by editor Amanda Valentine and game creators Lisa Steele, Emily Care Boss, and some guy named Kenneth Hite.

Dresden Lives: The game continues to get run as a kind of ongoing, living playtest by its originators from Phoenix Outlaw; the text adaptation of that game is still under revision. We’re looking to match the game rules as written with the play experience, under the editorial supervision of Pamela Shaw Alexander and creative developers Shoshana Kessock and Josh Harrison.

Atomic Robo RPG: Majestic 12: This supplement to the Atomic Robo RPG should be going into layout in early August. Tesladyne fights the symptoms, Majestic fights the disease. Play a frontline soldier in a secret war to control forbidden science! From the creators of the Atomic Robo comic and star developer Mike Olson.

Young Centurions: This Fate Accelerated driven prequel to Spirit of the Century focuses on the “young adult” adventures of the Centurions as they are just starting to come into their abilities. Goes into layout by the end of September.


Sally Slick and the Miniature Menace: Carrie Harris has written the second book in this young adult fiction series, connected to the Young Centurions RPG. Fred is in the process of reviewing the draft.

War of Ashes RPG: Undergoing the printing process now, while the game remains in instant-PDF preorder. Should be ready in October, assuming we’re able to wrap up our remaining issues in proofing soon. Viking muppet-like warriors! A shrinking world populated by fuzzy adorable murderous oddballs! Grimsical!

Shadow of the Century: In the middle of, and finishing up, the alpha round of playtesting now. We’ll know more after GenCon when we process all the feedback.

Don’t Turn Your Back: We love this dark, creepy board game set in the Don’t Rest Your Head universe! Mostly on track for our shipping commitments made for the Kickstarter. Once the copies are shipped to backers this will become available to the game retail distributors. If you are at GenCon, there’s a copy at IPR’s booth (#730) that you can fondle, but not buy. 🙂

Do: Fate of the Flying Temple: The first draft of the layout by Do originator Daniel Solis is complete, and we’re starting in on the art order. Hopefully that part will wrap up by late September.

Our Fate Patreon continues to release a new digital product nearly every month. Our most recent release is Nest by David Goodwin, a game of rediscovering the magic of childhood… or shattering the illusion of youth. Peter Pan, Narnia, you got it. Before that was Gods and Monsters, Sails Full of Stars, Behind the Walls, Eagle Eyes, Psychedemia, Romance in the Air, The Aether Sea, Save Game, Secrets of Cats, and Venture City Stories — you can find them all at DriveThruRPG. Coming up soon are: Masters of Umdaar, Slip, Frontier Spirit, House of Bards, and Three Rocketeers. More in the pipe!

And that’s it for the State of the Hat tidbits. As mentioned above, if you have any questions not covered here, hit us with them in the comments. Thanks!