The Future of Evil Hat Part I: Meet Sean and Carrie

Evil Hat’s core nervous system has grown. Today, amazing games and books, tomorrow, the world! Carrie and Sean are the most recent additions to the power trio of Fred Hicks, Rob Donoghue, and Chris Hanrahan. Which probably makes us a power quintet. Like Voltron, only without the lions, which is really too bad when you think about it.

A quick intro to the pink lion…er…the new EH Marketing Manager:

CarrieCarrie Harris is bringing girl gamer awesomeness to Evil Hat as our new Marketing Manager. Carrie worked in marketing for five years before realizing that what she really wanted to do was write about monsters on roller skates. (No, really.) She’s worked on games for White Wolf, where she helped to end the world. These days, she’s a full time writer of teen novels with Random House, and she brings some book promo cred along with her as the president of the Class of 2k11, a marketing group for debut writers. For her first steps, Carrie will be tackling overall business and marketing plans (which sound very official but are guaranteed to use the word “freaking” and ALL CAPS somewhere in the document) and tackling the new and improved website content. She likes it when you follow her (but not literally). Catch up with Carrie and the latest EH smack talk on Twitter (@carrharr) and Facebook ( and get the latest book talk at

And a quick intro to the would-be pink lion (if Carrie hadn’t grabbed it first), aka the new EH Project Manager:

SeanSean Nittner is the newest west coast addition to Evil Hat, bringing his organizational-fu to the Hat as our Project Manager. Sean has been hosting non-profit gaming conventions in Oakland since 2007. Good Omens Con and Big Bad Con have put food on the table of over 2,000 families in Alameda County and provided measles vaccinations to 1,600 via Doctors Without Borders (MSF).  He also hosts the gaming podcast Narrative Control and has been working on some game hacks of his own over at

Sean works as a system administrator at UC Berkeley and is studying for the PMP exam. Since joining the Hat, Sean has dived into our ongoing projects feet first. He’s started work on a production schedule for Race to Adventure!, Dresden Files RPG Paranet Papers, and Fate Core!  Hear about Sean’s actual play, nerd fun with his kids, and what’s exciting him in the industry on Twitter (@seannittner) or Facebook (

Why has the Hat grown? We’re glad you asked. We’ll be discussing this next week in The Future of Evil Hat Part Deux: Evil Hatterer. Starring Charlie Sheen as Fred, Ben Affleck as Chris Hanrahan, Jeff Goldblum as Sean, and David Hasselhoff in drag as Carrie. We dare you to Google “David Hasselhoff in drag.” You know you want to.