The Future of Evil Hat: Part Deuce

We need a bigger hat! Seriously.

Evil Hat has grown faster than a beanstalk on steroids over the last year. That success is largely due to our amazingly talented artists…and Fred and Chris’s brilliance…and their willingness to go without sleep. As a result, we’re branching out. We’re not just Evil Hat any more. We’re Evil Hatterer.

The evidence. Check it:

In March of 2012, we added fiction to our roster with Chuck Wendig’s novel Dinocalypse Now. The kickstarter was so successful, the single book plan blossomed into seven novels by Chuck Wendig, Brian Clevinger, C.E. Murphy, Harry Connolly, and Stephen Blackmoore.

June of 2012 saw us leaping into board games with Race to Adventure! Paired up with our other Spirit of the Century properties, we’ve added Dinocalypse Now and Hollow Earth expansions to the game.

At the end of last year, we wrapped up with our largest, and most exciting product yet–Fate Core! With over 10,000 Kickstarter backers and 33 stretch goals hit, Fate Core won’t just be one game, but many. With Fate Core, we’ve not only developed an amazing, re-focused, more-character-driven version of Fate, but we’ve also partnered with other fantastic companies like Green Ronin for the Freeport setting, Jim Butcher for Dresden Files Accelerated, and Atomic Overmind Press for Kenneth Hite’s Day after Ragnarok! We’re branching into young adult fiction with Carrie Harris’s Sally Slick and the Steel Syndicate. We’re also expanding the Spirit of the Century universe with upcoming roleplaying game supplements like Shadow of the Century, Strange Tales of the Century, and Young Centurions!

If that wasn’t enough, we’re continuing our work on other fantastic projects too, including the Paranet Papers supplement for the Dresden Files RPG; the Fate Core powered Atomic Robo RPG; and the Zeppelin Armada card game. Plus even more!

We’ll be honest–that’s a lot of growth in a relatively short period of time. We’re taking steps to make sure we can deliver what we promised in the KS and be ready for what comes after! We’ve already told you about the addition of Sean Nittner and Carrie Harris to our core Hat staff, but we’re also expanding our team of expert creators by bringing in many new-to-the-Hat writers, artists, and editors. We’ll be introducing them to you over the course of the next few months.

Sometimes the not-as-exciting business type stuff gets lost in the holy-crap-awesomeness of the latest sneak peek of a game we’re all eager to play. Let’s face it; we’re all here because we love games and stories and holy-crap-awesomeness. So we’ll keep talking to you about all the fun things, but absolutely be aware that behind the scenes, we’re working at the speed of a hyperactive toddler to grow the company and support those games to the fullest. And periodically, we’ll update you on the behind the scenes bits as a part of our continued quest to be a transparent organization that you can feel good about supporting. In short, we’re taking the responsibility seriously. Like Spiderman, only without the webs and DEFINITELY without the outfit.

An evening with Sean and Carrie. Last week we wrote about our new additions to The Hat, today we prove they aren’t robots! Get to know us and vote on who deserves the title of Pink Lion!