The ENnies Nominations

Here’s this year’s ENnies nominations, as sourced from ENworld. Some comments follow.

Best Adventure

I usually don’t have much of a dog in this hunt, but I did layout-flow on Dead Rock Seven using a template provided by Pelgrane, so, yay!

Best Aid/Accessory

Best Art, Cover

Best Art, Interior

The art sourcing and direction on Do was all Daniel Solis — he created the vision of the world and got his artists to live in it — but as the publisher, I’m thrilled. 

Best Blog

No personal stake in here, but pleased to see the Gaming as Women blog making it onto this list.

Best Cartography

Best Electronic Book

GURPS Social Engineering?! HMMMM.

Best Free Product

Best Game

Man, what a brutal Best Game roster this year! Thrilled to have an Evil Hat game on there by way of Dan, but seeing our VSCA allies crack this list with Hollowpoint was a surprise and a treat. But for sheer weight of numbers — and oh, yeah, Marvel — I’m both pleased to see the work of many friends on Marvel Heroic Roleplaying get the nod here, and expecting to see the win. Savage Worlds Deluxe may come out swinging, though.

Best Miniatures Product

Best Monster/Adversary

Best Podcast

Yaaay, Jennisodes!

Best Production Values

Dresden Files RPG editor Amanda Valentine worked on the Smallville High School Yearbook. I’ve heard good things.

Best RPG Related Product

Best Rules

Bulldogs! is one of the best Fate builds out there right now, in essence a very strong very smart “port” of Spirit of the Century into a space opera genre. All the updates it makes to that Spirit of the Century base are very clever — this is probably the purest “SOTC 2.0″ out there — to the extent that we’re definitely stealing some of its ideas to fold into Fate Core and (by association) Atomic Robo. I’ve already commented on Hollowpoint and Marvel above; this is another super-competitive list.

Best Setting

Best Supplement

I did layout on Star Hero!

Best Website

Best Writing

Graham Walmsley is fast becoming The Other Name That Comes Up When Talking About Cthulhu Besides Ken Hite. That’s no sleight on Graham, given the heights to which Ken rises. I’m pleased to see his name more than one place on this year’s nomations.

Product of the Year

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! But, yeah, my heart in all this lives with Marvel. Whuff, though. Whuff.


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