The Dresden Files RPG Disclosure Pledge

So back in eeearly 2008 I had the notion that we needed to get the Dresden Files RPG playtesting rolling, but we needed it to happen in a way that was very anti-NDA — we wanted people who weren’t mouthpieces for the company to talk about the game, talk about it publicly, and where possible talk about it positively — even when discussing problems they encountered. This turned into the notion of a Disclosure Pledge, which we had folks sign (even tho there was nothing binding about it) and send back, as a way to underscore the importance of giving the game’s development a public, accessible, multi-faceted face. We also wanted to say, “Hey, you’re getting an early peek, be cool, don’t circulate.”

I’ve been asked what that looked like from time to time, and it happened again yesterday on Twitter. So it’s high time I share the pledge here.

Dresden Files RPG Playtest Disclosure Pledge

I recognize my value as a voice to the public about this game.

Therefore, I will talk about my playtest experiences, in public, whether it’s on my blog, my podcast, the forums I frequent, or with the people I meet and game with.

I recognize my value as a grass-roots word-of-mouth sales-force for this product.

Therefore, when I speak publicly about my playtesting experiences, I will do so mindfully, recognizing that what the public does with what I share may not always be what I intend.  I understand this does not mean I should speak with artificial enthusiasm or acclaim, but I should share my enthusiasm and enjoyments when they happen.  When encountering speed bumps and failures along the way, I will speak fairly, and try to preface my comments with the explicit mention that this is an early playtest and some problems are to be expected.  I am responsible for what I say, but I am not an “internet cop”, here—others may say what they say.  Whenever possible, I will share my “off-list” discussions (actual play reports, thoughts as I read the materials, etc) with Evil Hat Productions so they might keep tabs on them.

I recognize the value of keeping the game texts I read private.

Therefore, I will not share those texts, in whole or in excerpted part, with anyone not authorized by Evil Hat Productions.  I understand that any such authorization must come directly from a member of Evil Hat Productions and must be explicit and written.  I also understand that if I think that sharing an excerpt of the text would enhance my public voice or the grass-roots sales-force effort, I will contact Evil Hat Productions and discuss what I’d like to do!



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One pledge per player * Please send all signed pledges to Evil Hat Productions


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