Take a Sneak Peek at Race to Adventure’s cards

Designer Dan Solis provides a first glimpse of the RtA card layouts.

When I heard that Evil Hat had brought in prolific game designer and art director Daniel Solis to create the look and feel of Race to Adventure’s cards, I was tremendously excited. I had already observed Dan to be a thoughtful and innovative designer, and I couldn’t wait to see his vision for RtA’s card layout.

Well, Dan’s work is nearly done, and he’s offered a first look at the card layout over on his blog. The cards feature the wonderful, all-new illustrations of Christian N. St. Pierre.

In the future, we’ll be sure to do a designer diary on the process of working with Dan and Evil Hat co-president Fred Hicks to create a clean, language-neutral visual language for the game. But for now, enjoy the sneak peek at the cards. They’re sure to bring lots of fun Spirit of the Century flavor to your plays of the upcoming board/card game.

And while you’re on Dan’s site, be sure to check out some of his other posts. His blog is one of my favorite regular reads.