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Those Who Were Here Before

An ancient alien derelict threatens to upset the balance of power…

… and it’s up to the Tachyon Squadron to be the first aboard, and keep it out of the hands of larger powers that would use its secrets to make things very difficult indeed for the citizens of the Draconis System. Are you and your squadmates up for the job? Find out in this 26-page adventure for Tachyon Squadron, made possible by the backers of the Tachyon Squadron Kickstarter.

Inside this adventure you’ll find:

  • Information about the Xolotl, the ancient alien derelict, and its “dormant” technologies
  • Stats, background, and agendas for the forces converging on the Xolotl: scavenging pirates, ambitious Dominion forces, determined Republic soldiers
  • The deadly secret behind what wiped out the aliens who created the Xolotl

Suit up and hop in your Blackfish — it’s time to face the legacy of Those Who Were Here Before!

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Starfighter Academy

Draconis can’t depend on Tachyon Squadron forever; it needs its own fighters and its own pilots. That’s you! 

Two weeks ago you graduated from basic flight training. You know how to fly a starfighter, but now you’re standing at attention on the flight line in a run-down docking bay at the far end of Draconis Station, your flight suit still clean and your lieutenant’s bars still shiny, a canvas duffel bag of belongings at your feet, and a veteran pilot yelling at you about how she’s going to turn you into a finely honed weapon capable of defending your homeworld against all comers.

Starfighter Academy is a supplement for Tachyon Squadron. It requires Tachyon Squadron and Fate Core to play.

In this book you’ll find:

  • A short campaign (4-5 sessions) for new recruits going through Starfighter Academy
  • Rules for creating a new Starfighter Trainee
  • NPCs to bring the Academy alive as well as guidelines for bringing characters from your Tachyon Squadron campaign into play
  • Rules for Emotional Consequences
  • Rules for bringing the Academy to life, including rival trainees, course challenges, and free time.
  • Rules for “hops”—training engagments where the trainees can show off what they’ve learned and jockey for position as best in class
  • Graduation!

Welcome to Starfighter Academy.

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Inside the Domain of Unity

Infiltrate. Sabotage. Resist.

Journey inside the Dominion of Unity, the most oppressive regime in the quadrant, in this supplement for Tachyon Squadron. Work to undermine the Dominion from within as an agent in the Order of the Last—or join the Red Fist insurgency at their secret base and wage war from the shadows.

Will you rise up and score a victory for freedom, or fall beneath the crushing weight of the Dominion? Find out in Inside the Dominion of Unity!

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Tachyon Squadron: Spaceship Construction Toolkit

Take to the stars with custom-built starfighters in this supplement for Tachyon Squadron. Inside this 46-page PDF, you’ll find:

  • Rules for building starfighters at a variety of scales and quality levels.
  • Example ships built using these rules.
  • An expanded list of modular equipment to equip your ship for any mission.
  • Rules and setting information covering salvage, racing and modding culture, dominion technology, and pirate gear.
  • A variety of blank ship sheets for building the starfighter of your dreams (included as a separate 21-sheet downloadable).

Build a ship you can truly call your own with Tachyon Squadron: Spaceship Construction Toolkit!

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