Strange Tales of the Century

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BiographyIf you asked us who we’d invite to an epic pulp dinner party, Jess Nevins would definitely be on the list. (Let’s face it; he’d probably be invited to all our dinner parties, because he’s just an interesting kind of guy.) Jess has long been on our wish list of people we’d love to partner with on a Spirit of the Century project, and for good reason! His Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana is so…well, fantastic…that it was nominated for a World Fantasy Award. His League of Extraordinary Gentlemen references are…well, extraordinary. And his Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes is…um…pulpy?

All silliness aside, we knew we wanted to work with him. And at one point, when he was passing through town doing some research at the National Archives, we pounced. We came out of that chat with a general concept for Strange Tales and an approximate word count. We went our separate ways and planned dinner parties and made games. Then he turned in a draft that was easily double what we’d asked for, and we flailed around like Muppets for a while. Fred went full Kermit. Seriously. It was epic.

But there was so much else going on, what with the Dresden Files RPG and all, so the project didn’t really go guns blazing until our Fate Core Kickstarter provided the ideal opportunity. And thanks to our awesomesauce backers, we were finally able to make this thing happen. Yes, there was more flailing at that point. Did you even need to ask?

The end result of all of this (besides a few pulled neck muscles from all that flailing) is that now we get to share this fantastic resource with all of you. Strange Tales of the Century offers you a brief overview of pulp that’s going to make you want to run out and hunt down copies of The Shadow. Game-wise, it offers you some ideas on how the Century Club fits into all that pulpy goodness, and then some resources to help make it happen. Character concepts, pulptastic stunts, world building ideas—this book has it all.

Strange Tales of the Century. So pulptastically awesome it will make you flail.