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Stone's Throe Cover (2)JUSTICE WILL BE DONE!

Some girls languish under the weight of a broken heart, but not Amelia Stone. After a youthful encounter with the villain known as le Monstre aux Yeux Verts, Amelia is left with regrets—and a stalwart determination to right the wrongs of the world.

Years later, when world-renowned performer Josephine Baker becomes the target of a nefarious plot, adventurer extraordinaire Amelia is there to protect her. But this plot is larger than it seems, and unweaving its threads will take her through the throes of love only to come face to face with her oldest enemy.

Hell hath no fury like Amelia Stone.

“This is an over-the-top, superhero origin story, historical, gonzo effort—and Murphy makes it real. And fun. Also: I cried. No one does voice as well as C. E. Murphy.” — Michelle Sagara, author of The Chronicles of Elantra

Book Information

Recommended Age: 10 and up.
MSRP: $15
Available in: Softcover, Kindle, and epub formats.
Category: Sci-Fi and Fantasy
Author: C.E. Murphy
ISBN: 978-1-61317-027-4
Length: 208 Pages
Release date: February, 2015