State of the Hat

Here’s a brief State of the Hat for those curious, focusing on our Projects On Deck.

Dresden Files: The Paranet Papers. This is the Dresden Files RPG supplement we’ve been working on for the past half year or so. We don’t have a release date, which is why you haven’t heard us being all that particularly loud about the work. If it’s out before the end of the year I’ll be surprised — pleased, but surprised. Writing is still underway, so we don’t have a complete rough draft of the whole book yet. It’ll be an at least 7-chapter book, likely hardcover and full color (though I say that knowing reality can have other ideas), and will cover events up through (and a little bit past) Changes in both the series and the short stories, plus take a look at various locations the Paranet organization has learned about: Las Vegas, the (N)Everglades, the open road, the Russian Revolution, South America, and out past the deeper reaches of Faerie in the Nevernever. We think you’ll like it quite a bit — GMs especially, but series fans in general. Authors on the book include Chad Underkoffler, Clark Valentine, Leonard Balsera, Rob Donoghue, and Jess Hartley.

Fate Core. We’ve been chatting a bit about the innards of Fate over on as we limber up our brains for getting to work on this one. Fate Core is the name we’re giving to what we hope is the “final” edition of Fate — Fate 3.0 Release Candidate, if you like (where SOTC and DFRPG have been Fate beta and gamma, sort of). We’ll be further streamlining the terminology of the system and stripping it down to its essentials, while still exploring the flexibility it offers and taking a good look at what’s involved in using it for short and long term play.  It will be free and utterly open content in its electronic form, with a hopefully affordably priced print edition as well — because we want to give away the PDF for free, we may do a kickstarter to help cover the production costs, so stay tuned for that. Again, no release date. We’re Evil Hat. It’ll be finished when it’s done.

Zeppelin Armada. Our first card game, designed by Jeff Tidball, this is a “fightin’ game” set in the Spirit of the Century universe. Each player takes on the role of a villainous pulp mastermind, leading his or her own fleet of deadly zeppelins in a race to claim an artifact of ultimate power that’s been found at a remote mountain. Naturally, they all get there at the same time and have to duke it out to see who gets to walk away with the prize. No release date, but we’re in the second round of playtesting and things are looking pretty promising. As with all things, I’ll be talking more about it here as we make progress. There’s a lot of new territory to be covered, much of it dark territory for me!

ElectriCity. If we can demonstrate enough interest in it – a graphic novel! I’m collaborating with author C. E. Murphy to develop this one, with her taking on the writing duties. It’s a new comic book world, a self-contained story set in the modern day but tracing the root of superheroes back to the rivalry between Tesla and Edison. This one will certainly see a kickstarter with an ambitious target (again, see the post) which will have to succeed for us to see it through due to the high cost of producing a high quality hundred-page-ish story told with full page full color art. If the kickstarter does come off, well enough to hit some secondary/tertiary milestones, we’ll likely see some spin-off products, making the graphic novel the foundation for a sort of transmedia thing — short stories, an RPG, maybe other stuff.

Strange Tales of the Century. This is a “pulp from all around the world” supplement for Spirit of the Century written by geek-scholar luminary Jess Nevins, the guy who wrote The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana among other things. It’s been sitting in rough draft form and various states of editing for over a year now, for which I must apologize both to you and to Mr. Nevins. The Paranet project expanded to consume all available workforce, for one. As well, Jess — the beautiful bastard — wrote a ton of material for this, more than we think we can print, but all of which we think we should share, so we’re spinning up a strategy to produce a (still pretty big) tome of the essentials in print, which will be supplemented by a PDF component that gives you everything we had to excise from the print version. No release date! But it’s next on Chad’s plate to continue the editing process once he breaks free of Dresden-related projects.

Another DFRPG one-shot or two. We’re still working on editing and revising one, and have promises of another from another author, so stay tuned for those.

Another Don’t Rest Your Head supplement. This is a “maybe” project, depending on intended-author availability, focused on hacking the system for other settings and genres.

Stuff I Can’t Or Won’t Tell You About Yet, either because it’s not far enough along to do so, or because it’s not certain it’ll happen. But I think our plate is plenty full as it is…

Do Something With Jeremy Keller. Seriously, we need to (and are already talking about bringing him in on a project not named here). Have you seen his current Technoir kickstarter? The video is amazing.

Did I forget something? Probably. But there you have it, off the top of my head. If you have questions I will be happy to answer them below in the comments!