Characters: Sorcerer

This week’s characters column features the sorcerer — not quite a wizard, but close enough to give them a run for their money.


fuego“Sorcerer” is a near-pejorative term that many on the White Council use to describe “full spectrum” spell practitioners who don’t have the bloodline, access, resources, and training that a Wizard of the White Council has. The inherent sneer has perhaps a little merit, as often these versatile spell-slingers are self-taught or-let’s face it-at least dabbling in some grey if not outright black areas of magic in order to get a leg up. This fairly common moral flexibility turns into a slippery slope in short order. Victor “Shadowman” Sells from the Storm Front casefile is one such example of a sorcerer gone too far into the nasty to make it back out with his soul intact.

As such, sorcerers are either known to the White Council and walking the straight and narrow, or tend to be in hiding from them (or at least hiding their talents) in the interests of avoiding the pointy proclivities of the White Council Wardens. Player characters may be of either type-but regardless, the White Council, even when stretched thin, cannot be ignored.

Nor, really, can one ignore sorcerers themselves. While not wizards, the can still be subtle, quick to anger, and all that jazz. They have incredible flexibility in their capacity for spellcraft, and while it is very rare to find one as broadly expert as a wizard, they can still specialize in a few areas and can in a pinch draw from the full range of evocation and thaumaturgical castings. And while they are watched over by the White Council in part, they are not a part of that club, and that lack of proximity does mean they can occasionally get away with doing something that the Council wouldn’t be too happy about.

For many sorcerers, lack of access to the White Council’s resources is just fine by them in exchange for this kind of freedom. And so long as they can keep their heads down (if not their noses clean), sorcerers are numbered among the bigger players from the mortal side of supernatural affairs.

Musts: A sorcerer must have a high concept aspect that declares his or her nature as a free-agent spell-slinger (e.g., SORCERER COP or SPELL-SLINGING TROUBADOUR). In addition, the character must take the following supernatural abilities:

  • Evocation
  • Thaumaturgy

See the power descriptions for more details. Players of spellcasting characters should take some time to work out their most often used, practiced spells before play-see page XX for the particulars.

Options: Nearly every sorcerer also takes up The Sight (and would be considered “flying blind” without it). Sorcerers may take Refinement once per spell-ability (once for Thaumaturgy, once for Evocation), but may not take it multiple times per ability — there’s only so far they can develop without being full on wizards.

Tune in towards the end of April when we talk true believers.