We’ve been saying “stay safe” to our customers and fans since this pandemic began. 

But for people and communities of color, the murder of George Floyd has made it clear that even if COVID-19 was eradicated tomorrow, they cannot stay safe.

Every day our Black customers, artists, designers, and industry colleagues face the fear of being killed by those sworn to protect and serve. A fear that any random traffic stop, trip to the store, or outing to the park can suddenly turn lethal. They face systemic oppression, financial discrimination, reduced opportunity, and a ruling white society poisoned by hundreds of years of bigotry.

We see you. We stand with you. We support you. The outpouring of pain and protest across the country, the grief and rage of our fans and colleagues, the hard work that remains to be done within our industry to root out racism and discrimination — we acknowledge it, we share in it, and we pledge to listen, learn, and to keep working for justice and liberation.

Some of the Steps We’re Taking

We’re redoubling our ongoing efforts to hire and support designers and artists of color and to ensure that our art and games represent a world at least as diverse and compelling as the real one. Part of that involves reexamining the process we use to greenlight new projects and identifying our own internal biases. We’ll be the first to tell you we’re not perfect, but we’re trying and we’re committed to doing better.

Black Lives Matter Charity Event at DriveThruRPG

The Black Lives Matter Charity Bundle #1 on DriveThruRPG features 58 different RPG titles, including the Zweihander Player’s Handbook, Eclipse Phase Second Edition, and Uprising our Dystopian Universe RPG where cyberpunk freedom fighters battle to beat the system in a gritty, near-future Paris. That’s over $450 worth of games and supplements for only $10. All proceeds go to Black Lives Matter

This bundle represents just one of six different BLM charity offerings live at DriveThruRPG through June 23rd. Check them all out here.

Black Celebration in the Future – Art Contest

We’re also one of several companies onboard as sponsors for an afropunk/afrofuturism art contest organized by Brandon Dixon, creator of the Swordsfall RPG. The goal is to increase representation and showcase black lives in the future. This sort of initiative shines a spotlight on art and artists of color and is a terrific way to expand the talent pool. One of the explicit goals is that every entry receives some sort of stipend so no one has to sacrifice their time and talent just for the opportunity to be seen. You can get more details and help increase the funds in the prize pool here.

If you are an artist who would like to participate in the contest, ~50 entry slots will open up on Juneteenth. Watch the contest donations page or follow Brandon Dixon on twitter for details on how to enter when it goes live.

In Conclusion

The year has been one of upheaval, both financial and societal. We’re still here, and we’re still dedicated to fighting the good fight. We hope you will join us.