So What IS Zeppelin Armada?

Zeppelin Armada — Evil Hat’s first card game product, currently under development by Jeff Tidball — in the words of some of our first-round playtesters, describing the game to me as if I didn’t know what it is:

“It’s a dance of ever-moving minions protecting your nefarious airship schemes.  One part card game, one part positiony-strategy-move-it-aroundy action extravaganza.  With blimps.”

“In a world where nefarious villains and saucy sky-pirates roam the skies, you make your play to be the last man standing in a glorious battle in the sky. Strategy, luck and the powers of fate will be your best friends in this rip-roaring game of aerial warfare. Oh, yes, and did I mention that you have a fleet of zeppelins?”

“The sky is no place for the weak. With Gorilla’s Zeppelin’s launching volleys on you port and an armada of Mathmagicians on your starboard all gunning for you, you’ll need be on the lookout for attacks from both sides. Maneuver your own armada to shield your flagship, provide a platform to launch a barrage of your own, and rule the air!”

“Explosions surround your flagship and lights flash across the sky as your enemies send scores of rockets to destroy your armada. All the cunning, luck and great Fortune you possess will be needed to see you through the grandest sky battle ever witnessed. Long live the rightful ruler of the sky!”

So, why play it?

“It’s quick and clever.”

“Dude. You have a fleet of zeppelins. You blow up other people’s zeppelins. Do I need to say more?”

“Have you ever wanted to rule the sky with a fleet of Zeppelins? Have you ever wanted to blow your friends out of the sky and watch ans they crash and burn? Take to the air with Zeppelin Armada, guard yourself against the onslaught of your friends, and build a force to rule the sky!”

“You have a fleet of zeppelins. ZEPPELINS! If that isn’t enough, using cunning strategies and a bit of luck, you get to utterly destroy your friends with your superior force of both ship and armaments and rule the sky!”

And there you have it. :)