Shipment to Adventure!

Lots of news — big news! — for our favorite Racers today!

We’ll get right into it:

The games are printed. They’re printed, assembled, shrink wrapped, all that jazz, and are sitting on the pallet ready to go. In fact, we would have shipped them a little earlier, but…

Safety testing. The safety testing results are expected at the end of this week. This is practically a pro forma process, as Ludofact, our manufacturer, has a sterling reputation and a strong drive to produce products that comply with Europe’s exacting safety standards. And because of that…

We’re starting shipping now. In fact, we’re starting shipping as of last week, but because this is an international operation there’s some variation to how all that will work out.

International shipments will head out straight from the warehouse. This just makes sense for us: we’d be making poor use of our resources (and your money) if we shipped our international packages to the United States and then back out; the shipping subsidy we took for international customers doesn’t really cover more than a third of what it would run us to ship them that way. So straight from Germany it is! Some of the earliest packages have already arrived in the UK and other locations within the European Union.

The rest of the games for US customers are getting on a big slow cargo boat across the Atlantic. Just this morning we got the lowdown on what that means, from Ludopackt — the shipping arm of Ludofact. “Ets. 13.02.2013 Eta. 26.02.2013” was the coded transmission… fancy Euro-speak for estimated shipment date of Feb 13th, estimated arrival date of Feb 26th. Granted, that’s just the time it’ll take to reach the USA. For all we know it’ll take a few weeks or more past the 26th to clear customs and make it to our shipping service in Fort Wayne, Indiana. But once the shipment arrives there, we’ll spin up that part of the shipping operation and get the games out to all the United States customers within a couple weeks of their warehouse debut.

We won’t ship or sell any of these games until all the backer shipments are verified as having gone out. Backers first, people! Backers first!

There are extras that still need to go out. I’m talking about dice bags (some of which are still being hand-crafted) and the shoulder bag, primarily. If necessary we’ll ship these separately, because we don’t want anyone waiting longer for their games than they have to. Posters have already gone out, and as you know the patches and pins went out many months ago.

Digitally speaking, the Strange Travels PDF containing a few alternative board layouts and solo and six-player support is still coming together — we need to get a few art assets created by the artist in order to provide it! Figure on March for Strange Travels, if not sooner.

So what are you getting exactly? Rather than try to describe the incredible experience of looking at the actual finished game in text… we thought we might show you. Enjoy this unboxing video from Fred Hicks!

We woke today to hear that people in Europe are already getting their games, and that’s awesome! We really hope you enjoy them.

No matter what you think, please drop by the Race to Adventure! Board Game Geek page and share your thoughts on the game. You are our voices to carry this game to more players and new racers, so we’d sure appreciate it. 🙂

More soon!