Alpha Playtest Link Roundup

In the last month we’ve concluded our second major alpha playtesting effort (the “Burning Alpha” as we called it — a crucible for refining the revisions that came out of the earlier “Bleeding Alpha”).  We drew on a healthy number of groups for each of our two alpha testing rounds, but it was still tough pickings when we’re talking about a pool of playtesters numbering over 800.

Now we’re looking at moving into a period of internally-focused revisions and internal playtesting before we’ll consider doing any more external playtests.  We need to get text complete on several key remaining chapters, plus we’re doing our best to get the system chapters into their final revised form — the much-coveted “non-moving target” that will allow us to proceed with some secondary system implementation efforts (like completing the stat-blocking of all the creatures and features of the world).

At the conclusion of the Burning Alpha, we put out a call to both playtester groups to supply us with any links we might not have publicized yet so everyone can get a look at what’s been shared.  One key difference about the Burners over the Bleeders is that one of the Burners kicked off a Livejournal community that did much of the rounding up of links along the way, so beyond even this post, we highly recommend you check the community out, at (we’ve even syndicated its posts in this site’s sidebar).

Here’s what we’ve got.

General Playtester Links

Gilbert Isla: contains a few recordings of some Dresden Files play, under the “Merry Christmas” heading.  (Here, here, and here)

Mike Parker:

This Modern Death: and

Paul Watson:

Stacey in Astoria: (Stacey was a real hero of this; he’s the one that set up the LJ community!)

Ed Wedig and his group only got to work on city creation due to timing, but says he’ll continue posting on even after the playtest period’s done.

Tomi Sarkkinen points to some city builds on

Matt Doerhoefer has been blogging his playtest experience at

James Carpio gets into it on

The Monster That Is Sean Nittner

We had to split our buddy Sean’s links out into a section of their own — he provided a ton!

Blog Posts (started on the community page and them migrated to my personal page, so here are the individual links):


Narrative Control – Episode 3:
Narrative Control – Episode 4:
Narrative Control – Episode 10:
Narrative Control – Episode 13:

Scott Dorward

The main blog is at:

The relevant posts are:

There are still a few write-ups to come (we’ve had four sessions of actual play, with one more to come this week), but the player who has been doing
them has been on holiday recently and she still needs to catch up.

Matthew Glover’s Group (Including “Momma Ambrosia”)

City Building

Summary of our Characters

Story from one character’s point of view

Story from another character’s point of view(she may or may not have
it updated)

Our groups final thoughts and comments