Robo Re-Download, and the Long Lean Month of May

Quick update on a few topics!

Robo Revised!

We’ve updated the PDF for the Atomic Robo RPG before sending it off to press, and re-uploaded it to both Bits & Mortar as well as our own webstore. If you got your copy through our store, just go to your account page, find your order, and re-download from that page. If you got it from Bits & Mortar, the link you were emailed should still work for downloading the new version.

We’ve updated our typo-catchin’ feedback form to reflect this change — you’ll have to confirm you have the new copy before you give feedback, since we’ve already fixed many of the prior issues (we received over 180 reports that factored into our corrections).

What changed? Mainly typos, tho we did have to correct a few math errors with some of the skill calculations to make sure the pre-built modes price out as shown. Thanks very much for helping us find these problems! You’ve made sure this will be a better book.

Speaking of Downloads…

We’ve spun up a new downloads page for Atomic Robo. You’ll find both character sheets and faction sheets there, ripe for the downloadery and printing!

Fate Core Supplies Run Thin in May; Reprint Coming in June

Our shipping partner’s primary warehouse goofed up their inventory data and had been reporting to us that we had about 400 or so more copies of Fate Core than we actually had. When this was discovered, our supplies there had already run pretty low. We kicked off a reprint as soon as we learned this with our printer for Fate Core, Taylor Specialty Books.

Taylor is a division of Balfour — the guys who do class rings and yearbooks for many of the schools in the USA — and it turns out our timing could have been better. Our request came in right as they are dealing with “yearbook season”, which meant that our request had to get in line behind a bunch of other yearbook jobs. Right now they estimate the new printing will ship from the factory right at the end of May, May 30th.

Naturally it was right around this time that we started to see an increase in demand for Fate Core. 🙂 As such, there’s a good chance we and our distributors will run dry or at least close to dry on our Fate Core supply during the month of May. By mid-June that problem should go away as the reprint ships and percolates out through distribution and retail stores.

Evil Hat prides itself on never letting something go out of stock until it’s out of print, so we’re pretty embarrassed that this happened to our current flagship title. The data we were getting was bad, yes, but that’s no excuse. We’re going to do better about this in the months and years to come! New measures are already in place to make sure we are more on top of our inventory levels as reported to us by our primary warehouse partner.

If you have any questions, please let us know. We love getting questions and we love giving you prompt, thorough answers even more!