Rob and Fred on the Independent Insurgency

Rob Bohl from the Independent Insurgency podcast came down to interview Rob Donoghue and me this past weekend.

Fri, 21 March 2008

On this show I interviewed Rob Donoghue and Fred Hicks of Evil Hat

Productions about Spirit of the Century. We
also touch on some
previewey stuff for the Dresden
Files RPG
as well.

This episode is 93 MB big and 1:07:40

00:01:47: What
Spirit of the Century is

00:02:22: A public
beta for The Dresden Files RPG

00:02:54: FUDGE > FATE > Spirit of the Century > The Dresden

Files RPG

00:04:49: Grey Ghost Games

00:05:15: A quick
rundown of FATE, FUDGE

00:05:53: The Shadow of Yesterday

00:07:19: The skill
pyramid, and the reasons for it

00:07:58: Skills in
The Dresden Files RPG

00:08:23: Harry
Dresden’s player min-maxed him

00:08:51: Musashi

00:09:47: Aspects

00:10:00: Amber and Amber Diceless RPG

00:13:01: Seventh Sea

00:13:25: Trollbabe

00:16:01: The
compel mechanic

00:16:25: Leonard Balsera

00:17:02: The
Dresden Files RPG: Supernaturals driven by their nature by low refresh

00:19:38: Gateway
between hippy and trad


“The really hippy stuff is the GM advice”

00:24:00: The
traditional stuff in the game

00:24:48: Marvel Superheroes RPG

00:25:22: Don’t Rest Your Head

00:26:04: Reign
and True20

00:27:11: Stunts
in The Dresden Files RPG

00:29:26: Stuff in
Spirit of the Century as published that does not work

Companions Reloaded in Spirit of
the Season

00:31:44: “We
suck at playtesting!”

00:32:20: Stress
tracks, problems with them

00:34:42: How The
Dresden Files RPG fixes stress track problems

00:36:38: Stuff
that didn’t make it in to Spirit of the Century

00:36:59: The lost
dogfighting rules

00:39:19: Clinton
R. Nixon
on parallel and perpendicular actions

Editioning through new products

00:42:27: Wherein
Rob tries to find something Fred hasn’t said already elsewhere about the
publishing process

00:43:56: Clinton’s
game, Paladin

00:45:03: iStockphoto and Dover Publications clip art

00:46:56: Why this
form factor?

00:47:21: Skill
trappings in The Dresden Files RPG

00:47:56: Aberrant
and Trinity

00:49:08: Form
factor of The Dresden Files RPG

00:49:00: Jennifer Rodgers is doing art in The Dresden
Files RPG

00:49:48: Robot
from the future, Chad Underkoffler,
writing setting in The Dresden Files RPG

00:50:10: My Newark in the

00:50:51: How do
you do marketing? (HAHAHAHAH)

00:54:20: FATAL, an example of a game with
its marketing built right in

00:55:11: Dealing
with the problematic elements of the pulp genre

00:56:10: Harry Chapin

00:57:15: The
point of Spirit of the Century

00:59:26: Bruce
Baugh’s New Horizons,
a socially-conscious Spirit of the Century supplement

00:59:45: Is
Spirit of the Century a success?

01:04:09: The
secret origins of The Grey Ghost, Jet Black, Max Silver, and Sally Slick

Closing music is Skins Don’t Cry by The Hub City Stompers

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