Regarding COVID-19

These are difficult and unpredictable times, so we wanted to take a moment to share how COVID-19 is affecting our business.

However, before we get into operational details: do what you need to do to take care of yourself, your loved ones, and your community . Wash your hands, practice social distancing, and help flatten the curve. The World Health Organization has excellent resources and advice for the public.

Impact to Our Operations

Day to day, the impact of this initial stage of the outbreak has been marginal. The staff here at Evil Hat already work from home, so there has been no workplace adjustment needed to manage the projects we have in the pipeline and do the marketing, layout, and design work required to prepare them for production.

Our card games are printed in China and so a reprint we ordered of collaborative story-building game For The Queen has been delayed until May or so. Good news: it is also available and very easily playable via Roll20. You can find it here in the Marketplace for $7.99.

Our books are printed in the USA and so far those production schedules are holding to their estimates. The Fate Space Toolkit print run is complete and getting loaded to our warehouse now. We’re optimistic we can hit the April 20th release date. AGON is in its final proofing stage and almost ready to go to press, we are also ordering reprints of Blades In The Dark and Monster of the Week. So far, so good but of course the situation is fluid.

In terms of fulfilling orders, we’ve been in contact with our main distributor and are satisfied with the steps they’ve taken to address employee wellness, business continuity, and minimization of risk to both their workers and our customers and retailers.

On the convention front, we’ve scaled back our con presence in the past two years. We’ve been very happy to have Indie Press Revolution carry our products and represent us at the major cons. We trust them to make whatever decisions they feel are warranted as restrictions on events and public gatherings are implemented across the country.

Serving You While You Stay Safe

If you’re trying to maintain social distance but still crave the interaction of gaming together, we recommend Roll20. It’s a virtual tabletop that supports chat, dice-rolling, rules, character sheets, and more. You can join for free and everything is run off your browser, nothing extra to download or install. 

As we mentioned, For The Queen is a rules-light, collaborative story-building game you can play in as little as half an hour. Available now in the Marketplace for $7.99. The Fate Complete Bundle includes rules, character tokens, the Deck of Fate, and the popular Til Dawn and Masters of Umdaar worlds of adventure. The bundle is $19.99 or (like any bundle) you can buy just the parts you like. Roll20 also has fan-creations supporting Blades In The Dark and a ton of other games. This recent thread on the Blades forums will give you some tips on setting up a game in Roll20.

If you’re on a budget and looking to game or just get a shot of inspiration, last month we released a streamlined version of our Fate rules in a tight 60-page package we call Fate Condensed. It’s a great explanation of how to play and it’s fully compatible with any one of our 30+ Fate Worlds of Adventure. Each World features a unique take on a genre. From explorers researching abandoned alien relics in the far future to vampires hunting settlers on the Oregon Trail to magical cats secretly holding eldritch evil at bay, there’s a Fate World to surprise and inspire you.

And we mean it when we say Pay What You Want. If you’re facing financial insecurity and you need to set the price to zero, you have our blessing.

Serving Our Hobby and Our Community

We believe that the expertise and culture fostered by local game shops is essential to keeping our hobby thriving and growing. The bans on gatherings will hit this segment of the industry hard. If you have some extra dollars to make a purchase, please consider buying a gift card or making a pick-up order with your FLGS. Without tournaments and organized play events to bring customers into the store, they will need extra support. As always, if you buy one of our games new from your FLGS, we will send you the electronic version of that game for free. It’s our PDF guarantee.

We want to look beyond the hobby as well. As schools close and gatherings are limited, Americans who are food insecure need our help more than ever. That’s why we’ve made a $500 donation to Feeding America, a network of food banks supporting communities across the country. They’re rated four stars by Charity Navigator and have set up a dedicated COVID-19 Response Fund to help food banks secure the resources they need to efficiently serve the most vulnerable members of the community. Every dollar helps secure and distribute 10 meals to people facing hunger. If you have the means, we encourage you to make a donation.

In Conclusion

We understand the stress brought about by this fast-moving and unpredictable situation. We’ve taken appropriate steps to mitigate our risks as we can currently foresee them. Things will certainly change and we’ll keep you apprised as they do. The best way to stay up to date is to follow us on twitter or subscribe to our once-a-month (and only once-a-month) email newsletter.

We thank you for being our fans and customers, and we have confidence we can continue to provide some inspiration, creative distraction, and a social outlet as we all face these challenges together.