Paranet Papers Sneak Peek: Las Tierras Rojas – The Red Lands

Hi folks! It’s time for another preview from The Paranet Papers, a “catch up” on a few of the more recent books plus tour of the world for the Dresden Files RPG. As said before, we don’t have a publication date yet! This one’s going to take as long as it takes.

Today we’re sharing the opener for the book’s South America entry, thanks to hitting a stellar 1300 “likes” mark over on facebook. We need to buckle down from here on out, so our next (and possibly last for a while) preview will be at 1500. Thanks!

Chichen Itza—the seat of the Red King in Las Tierras Rojas—is where it all went down.

We went toe-to-toe-to-fang with some of the worst things I’ve ever seen, and I am still surprised we made it out at all.

But when we left, after we were gone, things didn’t get all sunny and perfect. And it wasn’t until I got home and started going through Paranet reports that I realized that things haven’t been sunny and perfect south of the border for a long time.

What follows is a collection of material that I think everyone should read and take some sobering truth from.

MURPHY: Las Tierras Rojas?

BILLY: Alejandra calls all that territory that the Red Court controlled “Las Tierras Rojas” which translates to “The Red Lands.” It’s easier and shorter than “South and Central America, along with parts of Mexico.”

My name is Alejandra Castillo, and thanks to the extinction of Los Tiranos de la Sangre, I am free. But I’m in the minority.

There are still many troubles here; drug cartels are a plague, and predators both mortal and supernatural feed on those who are vulnerable. Worst of all, because of the power vacuum left here, we stand on the edge of what could be the bloodiest and most overt supernatural power struggle in recent memory. The Court may be gone, but the land is still red.

Despite all this, for the first time, we have a fighting chance. We have hope.

Welcome to Las Tierras Rojas.

I remember the moment that it happened. I was in a safehouse outside of Huitzilac with other members of the Fellowship, planning a strike. It happened quickly, but not painlessly. Imagine the fatigue of ten years, the echoes of old injuries, the injuries not yet healed, the gradual decay of your body. Now, imagine it happening within the span of a few seconds.

Though it lasted only moments, it felt like hours…I think. Time was difficult to…

When I checked the clock, fewer than two minutes had passed. My companions had died of old age—some of them had decayed so rapidly that I could not identify the remains.

BUTTERS: I…wow. I can’t even imagine.

MURPHY: Yep. Harry’s actions had a lot of consequences.

Many of the survivors are now too old for active fieldwork and have had to assume purely advisory positions. You may wonder why the Fellowship still exists with the Red Court gone, and this is a valid question.

The answer is simple enough: we cannot stop. Even though the biggest problem in Las Tierras Rojas is gone, there are still many threats to deal with and precious few people who know how to do so. We are a fraction of what we once were, but if not us, then who?

That is why I am writing to you—you need to know what is happening down here. What happens in Las Tierras Rojas will have far-reaching consequences and people must be warned. We are too few to fight all of the threats, but we can report what we know. We can arm you with knowledge.

My friend Eduardo gave me your name. I know what you have done for all of us and I want to thank you for that. I also want to tell you what has been happening since and keep you informed of the situation here as it escalates, because you bear responsibility for it. Before too long, we may have need of your help—perhaps even the help of the entire White Council. I hope that you will give it to us.

MURPHY: Will, where did we get these reports?

BILLY: Um…yeah, I meant to talk to you about this. They were originally addressed to Harry. I guess Alejandra didn’t know…

MURPHY: Did you…you didn’t…Will, what did you DO?

BILLY: It was important!

MURPHY: We WILL talk about this later.