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The Story

Action! Adventure! Intrigue! These are the fires that burn in the heart of every Centurion. Born on January 1, 1901, the children of the new century are miraculous individuals from all across the globe. Gifted with wondrous potential — and responsibility — these Centurions enjoy ageless long life, strength, immunity to ills, and astounding luck. They’ll need all these gifts too as they face down their opposites, the dreaded Shadow Centurions!

As a player, you’ll traverse the globe with the Centurions to discover treasure and thwart enemies, all while racing to be the first back at Century Club headquarters at the Empire State Building. Hop on a bi-plane or zeppelin or snag yourself a jet pack and take off to explore exotic locations like the undersea kingdom of Atlantis! Get your passport stamped on your way to Shangri-La in the Himalayas, where yeti have the hidden city under siege. Find out if you’ve got what it takes to snag your treasure from a secret Antarctic base full of weapon-weilding gorillas, and collect clues with lightning gun in hand, on your way to address the League of Nations in Switzerland. It’s a race around the world and a different adventure every time.

Join the Century Club Centurions and share in their globe-trotting adventures. Face down injustice with Amelia Stone or build your way to innovation with the stick-to-it heroine Sally Slick. Study the mystic arts with the occult detective Benjamin Hu or learn the secrets of the world with the only kilt-wearing gorilla professor there is, Professor Khan. Or perhaps you’ll board a legendary sea-plane with smuggler flying ace Mack “The Fox” Silver as the Centurions overcome all adversity to embody the Spirit of the Century!

Want to read more about the adventures of the Century Club? Check out the Spirit of the Century novel Dinocalypse Now by Chuck Wendig, available now!

Meet the Centurions


Sally Slick | Professor Khan | Mack Silver | Benjamin Hu | Amelia Stone

Credits: Voice of the Hat: Paul Tevis, Videography: Jeremy Keller.