Project Tidball: Name Our Zeppelins!

This card game is going to have zeppelins.

Lots of zeppelins. Fast ones. Slow ones. Big ones. Small ones. Aggressive. Pacifist. Chaotic.

They’ll each be in a pulp-style villainous mastermind’s armada, but which fleet they’ll end up in isn’t predetermined. Maybe they’ll be in the conquerer ape’s armada — or the fleet of the martian weather-witch. They could be sky-pirates, or they could be steampunkified electro-vessels. They could be stolen from the future, and crewed by roman soldiers.

But what they need most of all is names.

That’s where you come in. We’re looking for names from you. Share some appropriately pulpy-sounding zeppelin-names with us, here, in the comments. Bonus points if you give us a quick one-phrase description of the kind of zeppelin it is. And remember — these are zeppelins piloted by the bad guys!

If we use your names, you’ll have bragging rights, and … maybe something more (TBD)!