Preorder Updates

If you’ve preordered one of our new Dresden games, or if you’re an international Blades purchaser, you may be wondering what the bleep is going on with your order. The TL;DR is simple—they are unacceptably late, and we are working overtime to fix it. Here’s a peek behind the scenes at what happened and why.

Over the past few months, we’ve had to make a few adjustments to our intended release schedule. That’s something we’re used to—projects get delayed for a whole variety of reasons from bottlenecks during development to delays at the printers. We put a lot of effort into project management to minimize these, and we felt good about our ability to adjust with the changes. But still, changes they were.

The end result was that we dumped a whole lot of work on our fulfillment folks at one time. Over the past few months, they’ve shipped games for us steadily, from Blades to DFCO to DFA. Some were Kickstarter rewards, others were preorders, and still others were regular old orders from our webstore. We knew this was a lot of volume, so we attempted to stay on top of it. For example, we sent over the list of preorders for our June 14th releases (all Dresden, all the time) on June 5th, a bit earlier than we usually would.

We would have stayed atop this better except that we didn’t know it was a problem at first. In fulfillment operations, tracking usually comes late, since the shipper usually puts the focus on getting the packages out the door to get those games out as quickly as possible and then follows up with shipping info. So we thought nothing of the fact that we didn’t have tracking data until it became even later than usual. It turned out that our fulfillment contact who gets us that information was sick, which is human and normal and a bummer that has happened to all of us.

When the tracking info finally came, we rushed it out, because we wanted you to have it as badly as you wanted it! But it turns out that a good deal of the information was incorrect, and some people still haven’t gotten their games. We are working directly with the fulfiller to fix this, because quite honestly, you deserve better. We pride ourselves on doing better. So our goal right now is to fix this and get everyone their games as soon as possible. We’re in touch with the fulfiller multiple times a day to make sure that process happens. And then we’ll be moving into the make-sure-this-never-happens-again mode.

We’re already talking to the fulfiller about things we need to see moving forward, such as a backup for essential staff in case they get the flu or whathaveyou. They are eager to work with us on this. And we’re talking internally about how to better structure our schedule to insure that printing and delivery get the same kind of leeway that we already give production. Our planning contributed to this problem, and we won’t make the same mistake again. We intend to learn from this and come out the other side with better planning, better communication, and a better understanding of how to deal with such an increased volume of releases.

We also feel that you deserve to know what’s going on. We hope you expect more from us, and we want you to know how seriously we take this problem. We are working overtime and will continue to do so until this is resolved, and then we will take the steps necessary to make sure this doesn’t happen again. In the meantime, we will keep you updated on our progress via our social media. We’re sorry this happened. We intend to make it right.