Young Centurions Playtesters Wanted!



Thanks to everyone who signed up to playtest. We’re reviewing the applicants now!

Do you have a regular gaming group? Are you looking for something new to play? Do you secretly wish that you were a teenage pulp hero from the early 20th century, going off on adventures and punishing bullies with your fists of justice? (Don’t we all?) You are in luck indeed, because we’re looking for playtesters for our newest game in the Spirit of the Century universe: Young Centurions.

Young Centurions is a family-friendly game about…you guessed it…teenage pulp heroes. And yes, if you’re familiar with the Spirit of the Century universe, you’ll see some familiar faces. Adventure with a teenaged Jet Black, Sally Slick, and Benjamin Hu, and meet some new heroes too. But don’t worry; you don’t have to know Spirit of the Century to play. Our goal was to make an accessible game that can be easily played by anyone new to the hobby, but still offer something interesting for the seasoned gamer. And yes, kid gamers are more than welcome to this table!

You can learn more about the background behind Young Centurions here, and sign up for the playtest here. Spots are limited, so sign up right away!

Sign up to playtest now! (Sign ups closed 1/20/2015)