Perspective: Playtest Application Headcount

So I’ve kept the playtest application for the Dresden Files RPG open during the bleeding alpha period. During the playtest, we’ve taken in an additional 200+ applications. As of this time, the total number of playtest applications on file is over 850.

Think we have enough?

Anyway, I put this out there because I’ve gotten a few people saying “why haven’t I heard back”, and so on. We’re looking at a TITANIC number of interested folks here, and we’ve only done one round of picks for playtesting so far — maybe 30 applications at most. That still leaves over 800 folks who are *possible* for later-round picks.

But we can’t send out 800 emails each time we do a round of picking to tell folks “sorry, you’re still on pending status”, not managably, and not without that eating into actual productivity.

BUT! Those of you who have applied and not heard back should know that at the least, we’ll be contacting you once ALL playtesting is concluded and we’re heading towards publication. We’ll want to do right by everyone who took the time to apply — we haven’t quite figured out what form that will take, but it *is* our intention, and one I hope we can deliver on.