Personnel News! Excitement!

We’ve got some exciting personnel news. Like, the kind that deserves sound effects. So let’s get right to it, shall we?

(Drumroll. Cymbal crash. Random frog noise.)

Not sure what that frog’s about, but anyway! First, we’d like to congratulate Brian Patterson! Folks who are Hat-familiar might recognize Brian’s name—it’s on most of our products these days. Brian is our art director, which means he’s in charge of figuring out what the art is going to look like and working with the artist to make sure that happens. (He’s also a mighty fine artist in his own right. Have you seen the beautiful work he did for Greedy Dragons?) Anyway, we’re happy to announce that we’ve promoted Brian to Senior Art Director! He’ll be branching out and adding some supervisory tasks to his day, and we’re exceptionally excited to see him take them on.

(Crowd cheering. Roaring dinosaur. Random frog noise.)

Seriously! Where is that frog coming from? I didn’t order up any frog sound effects.

Um…anyway. Sorry. Was distracted by the frog. Next, we’ve got some news that’s both good and sad. Our very own Leonard Balsera is growing his role as COO and Creative Director of John Wick Presents. First, we’d like to send Lenny our congratulations! This is a big step, and we’re very happy for you!

As a result, Lenny is stepping down as the Fate Line Developer. But fear not! We’ll keep working together on individual projects. He can’t escape the time-turning and mind-bending horrors of Fate of Cthulhu!

Lenny was with us since Spirit of the Century. With many other brave souls, he worked on the original Dresden Files RPG and became the creative director and lead developer on Dresden Files Accelerated. Along the way he did a few small other things too… like being the lead developer on Fate Core, mentoring a whole generation of new writers and developers, and eventually stepping up as our Fate Line Developer.

Stepping up to fill his formidable role is Sophie Lagacé who has already been doing a killer job project managing Fate projects and now will be leading the line!

All the best to you, Lenny!

And congratulations to Sophie, Brian, and Lenny on their new positions. We (and that pesky frog) are super excited and proud to know you.