Paranet Papers PDF Updated

We’ve updated the Paranet Papers PDF (available to folks who’ve preordered) on the Evil Hat webstore, and on Bits & Mortar, with a new version that corrects several errors that were caught during the proofing process.

If you’ve previously downloaded it, your link used to download the file should still be good for downloading the new (and much smaller, yay!) one. If you run into troubles there please let us know.

Here’s the change log:

  • Statblocks made searchable.
  • File size significantly reduced.
  • Page 3: Corrected credit for William Huggins.
  • Page 18: Fixed marginalia.
  • Page 33: Corrected costs on Lawbreaker stunts, adjusted Refresh.
  • Page 80: Adjusted redacted text.
  • Page 92: Fixed punctuation.
  • Page 102: Removed “Other Aspects” from under “Skills”.
  • Page 104: Changed pricing on the Catch, adjusted refresh.
  • Page 117: Changed pricing on the Catch, adjusted refresh.
  • Page 125: Added Wizard’s Constitution under Powers.
  • Page 135: Changed Sponsored Magic pricing, adjusted refresh.
  • Page 188: Removed fourth paragraph (duplicated in later marginalia)
  • Page 195: Corrected page reference.
  • Page 208: Changed pricing on the Catch, adjusted refresh.
  • Page 246: Corrected pricing on Supernatural Strength, adjusted refresh.
  • Page 281: Adjusted refresh.
  • Page 291: Corrected pricing on Mythic abilities.
  • Page 308: Fixed ‘XX’ page reference.
  • Page 358: Fixed ‘XX’ page reference.
  • Page 359: Fixed page reference.
  • Other cosmetic formatting changes made throughout.

Any errors that remain will have to go into an errata file. The fixes are off to the printer!