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The PARAGON SYSTEM is a tabletop roleplaying game system found in the AGON rpg. The core system is adaptable to a variety of settings and premises with only a few key changes, as shown here in this document, which is called a “playset.”

To make your own PARAGON SYSTEM playset, you can use this document’s format as a template for the elements to include, along with the associated character sheet.

Playsets may not reproduce any material from the AGON rpg book, but you may refer to those mechanics and provide references to page numbers as needed. Our goal is for players to use the AGON game book as the primary system document, with playset materials acting as supplementary content to extend the usefulness of the core rules — sort of like DLCs or re-skins for a video game.

If you want to publish your own playset material for the PARAGON SYSTEM, go to for more information.

PARAGON Playsets


CHAMBER by John Harper

The year is 1968. Two years ago, on January 7, 1966, an alien energy, now known as THE SIGNAL, reached the Earth. It spread through telecommunications systems, affecting people and technology around the globe. Its existence is not publicly known, though its strange effects have been widely reported.

You work for CHAMBER — a secret agency tasked with capturing or destroying Signal Resonant Materials (SRMs) — objects imbued with THE SIGNAL — as well as containing its transmission and dealing with people harmed by it (or working to harness its power).

CHAMBER adapts the fast and flexible PARAGON system to a world of Cold War sci-fi intrigue and danger inspired by SCP Foundation, Control, and The X-Files. Create your agents in a few minutes, consult the mission and location tables for instant prep, and get started playing right away.

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It is 1984 and the Earth is under attack from a silent invader.

EMPERIONS, mechanoids from the MetalWarp dimension, use their Gravimetric Beacons to launch INCURSIONS into our reality. Emulating our technology they hide among us, slowly siphoning Earth’s natural resources to fuel their conquest of MetalWarp and fulfill an ancient prophecy of destruction, THE SURGE.

Humanity as we know it would perish if not for their own champions—rogue Metalwarp defenders who have pledged to protect the earth from INCURSIONS by their own kin—the SURGE PROTECTORS!

You are one of these stalwart defenders, an inorganic life form that can merge between two states: a robot warrior and a machine that functions and appears identical to its 1984 counterpart. To grant optimal mobility and conceal your nature, SURGE PROTECTORS take the form of vehicles as pedestrian as a moped bike or as mighty as a cargo freighter. Whatever your form, you have two goals: to keep your identity hidden and to protect humanity from The WIRE EMPIRE, who would consume the entire earth if their sinister prophecy is fulfilled.

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STORM FURIES by John Harper

You are a stormcraft fighter pilot serving aboard the Storm Carrier TEMPEST—the last surviving vessel of humanity since the devastation of the solar system by the Forged and the creation of the Storm in its wake.

TEMPEST depends on you, as a member of its Fury Squadron, to patrol the devastated solar system known as the Storm, secure resources , explore ruined worlds and render aid to the survivors, and fight back against the menace of the synthetic Forged.

STORM FURIES adapts the fast and flexible PARAGON system to a world of daring star fighter pilots inspired by Battlestar GalacticaTop GunX-Wing, and Wing Commander.

This playset includes expanded rules for the PARAGON system, including:

  • Fighting alongside your squadron mates, and determining damage to them and your stormcrafts
  • Supplying TEMPEST with resources to fight the Forged and aid survivors
  • Expressions: a new combination of virtues and divine favor that let you leverage your character’s passions and persona in the game system

… as well as a brief guide to all six worlds of the Storm along with sample contests and missions for the squadron.

For discussions about STORM FURIES, AGON, and other PARAGON system games, visit the forum.