On Your Mark: Race to Adventure Draws Nigh

We’re very close to being ready to launch our Race to Adventure kickstarter — Evil Hat’s first board game draws near! Right now it’s coming down to making sure our videos are ready and giving it all one last look. (Our launch window is somewhere between this Tuesday and the next, tho if we need to bump past tomorrow, we’re thinking about doing a single-day bump to Wednesday instead of the full week.)

We’re super excited to be entering into the family game market with Race to Adventure! We’ve playtested with players as young as precocious 8-year-olds, but also all-adult tables at PAX East and elsewhere, and all signs point to this being exactly the kind of accessible, fast-to-play board game we’ve been aiming for.

The “teach” video we’re developing is particularly great, and I’m practically vibrating in my need to share it with you! Soon, soon…

Once our launch date is here, we particularly need help from our fans who are active in gaming communities — Board Game Geek is the big one, but RPG.net and other places need to hear the word too. If you’re excited about the game, please let people know about it. We aren’t yet well-known in the board game sphere of gamelandia, so any bit of trumpeteering helps.

In the run-up to launch, fine-tuning our approach with this kickstarter has been particularly important.

We want to avoid revisiting and restating the nature of our tiers as each stretch goal is hit — that’s something we learned from the rapid revision experience we had with Dinocalypse’s kickstarter campaign. So we’ve put more effort into charting and forecasting the trajectory in advance.

But more importantly, we’ve focused on making sure that our board game kickstarter plays well with others — in particular, retailers. We have a couple buy-in tiers friendly to retailers, and we’ve made sure we offer a tier that’s “just the kickstarter extras” without the core game, so backers who want to divide their loyalties can order the core game through their favorite FLGS (who can then back us as well) but still get a nice pile of I-supported-the-game shwag.

At any rate, watch the skies — and this blog — for more news of the Race to Adventure launch, soon — very soon!