New to Fate? A Quick List of Resources

If you’re looking to find out more about Fate or want a quick understanding of the core elements of the system, this quick list of a resources will help get you started.

We recommend starting with the Fate Core rulebook itself. You can get it as a Pay What You Want PDF or order the hardcover and PDF in our store. You can also order the book from your local game store and (like all our titles) get the PDF for free.

If you’d like to pick through the rules piecemeal, we have a full Fate SRD online. It includes the foundations of Fate Core as well as many rules innovations introduced in other supplements like Atomic Robo, Three Rocketeers, and Venture City.

Another great way to quickly digest the basics of how the game works is through an Actual Play. We’re big fans of this episode of TableTop with Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, and John Rogers playing in a Fate game run by developer Ryan Macklin.

(If you’d like your own set of Skill Prompt cards used in this game, they are available here.)

For a quick visual explanation of Fate Core, we heartily endorse this two-page comic created by the talented folks over at Up To 4 Players. It’s clean, concise and ideal for printing off as a handout to use at convention or home play.

Click to view the full two-page rules primer over on the Up To 4 Players website.

Finally, once you’ve gotten your feet wet with the rules, join the ongoing discussion of Fate over at the Google+ community or on the Fate reddit or learn more about all of the various core books and supplements via this handy downloadable.

Those are the basics! This list is by no means comprehensive, there are a plethora of Fate-related resources, re-skins, actual plays and more on twitch, youtube, etc.

Welcome to the table. Sit down, join in, and let’s have some fun.