New Horizons & Spirit of the Century: I am reminded

Prompted by this post

I am reminded I should make sure folks know that Bruce Baugh’s “New Horizons” project for Spirit of the Century is in fact still “live” — but as I said downthread from the above post, it’s very much a “as time is available” project for Bruce, and so it’ll still be a bit until we see some of what’s in store. It’s been six months since I last posted something with the “new horizons” tag on this livejournal, so I feel I’ve been remiss in at least making sure the visibility on this project remains active.

I’ve also been talking with some other folks about possible Spirit of the Century supplements, but those are still sufficiently early in their concepts that it’s not something I want to talk about in detail just yet.

If anyone has any questions about the future trajectory of Evil Hat in general or Spirit of the Century in specific, or anything else — please don’t hesitate to drop us a line via the feedback form on our site, or in the comments on this livejournal.