Characters: Minor Talents

Minor talents are the real odd men out of the Dresdenverse — the guys and gals you’re most likely to bump elbows with at the local mystic pub or bookstore.  This write-up may be short, but that doesn’t make the minor talents of your game any less of a supernatural power player — though they might have to be just a bit cleverer than some to make it through alive!

Minor Talent

The Dresdenverse is filled with mortals who have small, limited powers, whether due to long-forgotten traces of inhuman bloodlines, exposure to the supernatural, or even simply the right combination of willpower and belief. These mortals can be referred to as “minor talents,” people with “one-trick” powers that don’t necessarily have a lot of mojo but which can be very effective in the hands of a creative and driven individual.

This template is a good option for someone who wants a little supernatural trickery up his sleeve-a mortal but with a little extra flavor, the kind you might rub shoulders with at the bar in McAnally’s.

Musts: A minor talent must have a high concept aspect that mentions the talent in some capacity (e.g., DEMI-DEMI-DEMIGOD, WEEPING CASSANDRA’S TEARS, or SON OF SHADOWS). The character may then take a single, one refresh cost (or, with approval, two refresh cost) ability from the Supernatural Abilities chapter. Specifically the Minor Talent and Psychic Ability categories should be considered, but the GM may allow the player to look further afield.

We’ll be rounding out the month of March with a look at the red court infected character template.  See you then!