March Fo(u)rth to Race to Adventure!

Your Game Here!

Your Game Here!

The boxes are definitely on the boat! We have confirmed (and re-confirmed) with the shipper that the big pile of Race to Adventure boxes are on the transatlantic boat to our shores. Arrival is expected at mid-March, with customs clearance taking at least a few days, then a week for it to get to our shipping warehouse.

We’ve got our corrected information labels already printed up and ready to go at the warehouse, and all the bags (dice and shoulder) that folks are due are on their way to the warehouse as well. Essentially, the only missing pieces at this point are the games themselves! We’ll be shipping everything out just as soon as we can get those labels on the boxes after they arrive.

Strange Travels are here! We’ve just recently been able to put the final touches on our final stretch goal for this Kickstarter — the Strange Travels PDF, featuring three alternate board arrangements, plus the six-player and solitaire rules and printable componentry. You can download Strange Travels from our Race to Adventure downloads page!

Foreign language translations are now available! You may notice that the rulebook and location guide are now available in languages other than English from our downloads page. We’re thrilled to offer the rules in French, Italian, Spanish, and German!

If you see a missing language and would like to provide us with a fan translation, we’re happy to share it on our download as well. (It will be text-only, not laid out like these four, but we figure your fellow speakers will enjoy having them all the same!) Please let us know if you’d like to contribute your fan translation!

That’s it for now. We hope you’ll enjoy Strange Travels while we wait for our final lap to conclude! We’ve cured our curse, rescued our prisoner, and our jetpack is fueled for the final push. See you at the top, folks!