Jesstoberfest in DC

My friend Jess Nevins/[info]ratmmjess is in town doing some research at the Library of Congress for upcoming encyclopedic works of his. While he’s been here, I’ve taken on the role of Cruise Director: plying him with food, drink, and friendly people.

It’s Jesstoberfest in DC.

Thursday night: Boardgames/cardgames with [info]righteousfist and John M., with deadly pizza from Monterey’s Gourmet Pizza. (I still think that Angelico has the edge, but was a damnfine za.)

Friday night: Drinks and dinner at the , with [info]oletheros, [info]crossbonesdj, and [info]geekchick.

Saturday: Nuffink Jess-related, as he needed to rest after putting a couple gruelling days over the microfiche/microfilm reader. (Though [info]boadiccea, [info]rottgrub, and I dig go to Gadsby’s Tavern, which I’ve always wanted to go to.)

Sunday: Trucked up to Silver Spring to visit/strategize/chew the fat with [info]drivingblind and [info]rob_donoghue (and [info]omphaloskepsis fluttering around in the background).

There should be at least one or two more episodes of Hangin’ with Mr. Nevins before he toddles back off to jolly old Texas-land.