Characters: Red Court Infected

While Red Court vampires are automatically too monstrous and alien to work out as PCs, that’s not the case with those infected, but not yet turned…

Red Court Infected

tongueRed Court vampires — nasty bat-things that live inside an apparently human (and typically gorgeous) flesh-mask, drool addictive narcotic venom, and feed on blood — are able to infect humans, putting them on a potentially inevitable path towards becoming a full-on vampire. These infected individuals possess some of the same capabilities as the monsters that bit them-at least at a junior-level capacity.

HARRY: When the victim is someone you love, it rips your heart right out. I should know.

But these empowered victims haven’t turned-they haven’t given up their humanity-yet. Not until they kill, though that often comes fast, as nigh-uncontrollable hunger for blood grips them. Still, it’s only nigh-uncontrollable — with the right amount of discipline, with careful choices about what sorts of situations they get into, these victims can hold out, at least for a time.

If they’re particularly lucky they may find their way to the Order of St. Giles — a secret organization bent on destroying the Red Court, particularly in South America. The Order has devised an extra means of controlling Red Court urges through the use of a magical tattoo process, normally invisible but flaring red when the hunger begins to take hold. It’s not a guarantee of control, but it can help.

It’s worth noting that characters of this type without the Tattoos of St. Giles will find themselves without their powers — and on the cusp of turning once and for all — in very short order. On the other hand, the Order can be very demanding of its members, and it doesn’t give the Tattoos away lightly.

Musts: A red court infected victim must have a high concept aspect that addresses the character’s infected status (e.g., ONCE BITTEN, TWICE RED or INFECTED INSURGENT). This aspect may be compelled to inflict watered-down versions of the Red Court’s weaknesses on the character-she will experience aversion to holy objects and sunlight, and when exercising her powers may even be damaged by them.

Further, the infected character must take the following abilities:

  • Addictive Saliva
  • Blood Drinker
  • Feeding Dependency (which will affect all abilities listed below)
  • At least one of: Inhuman Strength, Inhuman Toughness, Inhuman Speed

If at any point the character kills another human and drinks its blood, she must immediately “upgrade” the character to a full Red Court Vampire. This invariably results in turning the character into an NPC, and an evil one at that.

Options: Optional abilities beyond those noted above include:

  • Tattoos of St. Giles
  • Cloak of Shadows

Tune in in two weeks to learn the ways of the sorcerer.