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Plot Points

Ben did a great interview with Karen about gaming, improv, and everything in between on Plot Points. Listen here:


That DnD Podcast Actual Play

That DnD Podcast Interview with Karen Twleves

The Critshow Podcast

Rev and Tass of The Critshow chat at the end of Episode 55 about Improv for Gamers and what insights they had as fellow dual-classed improvisor-gamers. Listen to their segment below:

Gaming with Gage: Sean Nittner

Sean Nittner from Evil Hat sits down with Gage Verronneau to chat about the publishing process and current projects. Check out the discussion of Improv for Gamers starting at 26:33!

The Gauntlet Podcast

Lovely chat with Jason Cordova on The Gauntlet podcast about improv, performative play and creativity, capped off with what is currently bringing us joy!

She’s a Super Geek

Mia and Karen joined Senda and Andi from She’s a Super Geek to talk about improv, how the workshops developed, and play some fun games!

Gnome Stew: Review

Gnome Stew provides a comprehensive review of our book and what readers can expect to learn from it.

Review by The Anxious Gamer

An insightful review by Eleanor Hingley, with thoughts on how to expand and customize improv for tabletop groups!

Once Upon a Game: Improv for Gamers Special Look

Eric Vulgaris featured Improv for Gamers on Once Upon a Game. We played some fun and silly improv, and also stretched our repertoire of character voices.

Twitch Stream with Ash McAllan

Fun times were had playing some improv games on Twitch, hosted by Ash McAllan, and talking about what we all can take away from it to apply to our roleplaying experiences.

Review: Improv for Gamers

comprehensive review from Brazillian reader, Fábio Emilio Costa.

Five or So Questions on Improv for Gamers

We answered Five or So Questions with Brie Beau Sheldon about the workshops, the book, and what a gamer can take away from an improv class.

Backstory Podcast

Have a listen to a lovely chat between Karen Twelves and Alex Roberts about performance, play, and the importance of trust on Backstory.

Super Geeked Up

Jeff, Francis, and Karen discover the hidden secrets of Ewoks and anteaters while playing Animal Secrets! Check that out and more geeky improv fun in this special episode of Super Geeked Up!