I’m Making A Note Here, Big Success

We are just now cresting onto the other side of the big hill that was the release of the Dresden Files RPG.

We started the preorder in April, on Easter. The release hit at Origins at the end of June, and the shipping operation began at the warehouse — and commenced eating our warehouse’s face for breakfast. Thankfully that wrapped up in early July, so there should only be a few straggler orders now not yet delivered (though folks who ordered internationally, or domestically via Media Mail, may still have another week or so — them’s the breaks with those shipping methods).

It’s been a bumpy ride, but it’s also been an exhilarating ride. And all the while distribution (and thereby game stores) have been hopping on board with their orders as well.

The upshot of this? So far, The Dresden Files RPG: Your Story has sold close to 5,000 copies, with Our World not far behind.

Those of you following along at home may remember that this is out of an initial print run of 6,000 copies of each book. So we are, technically, running low — though we still have books in stock, and have shipped off several orders recently to distributors who are quickly realizing they just didn’t order enough the first (or second) time around to meet the demand.

Dropping down to 1,000 copies of Your Story is why we’ve kicked off the reprint process with our printer, which should mean more books will be in hand by late August. We’re having another 4,000 copies of Your Story and another 3,500 copies of Our World printed up.  If we’re projecting this right, at worst we might see a week or two lapse in availability.

Some folks have written to us (and thanks for that!) to tell us about conversations they’ve had with their game stores about the Dresden Files RPG being out of print. We’ve investigated each of these claims, and it has always emerged that someone in the chain (this is a lot like a game of “telephone”) misunderstood the distributor’s message of “we sold out and have more on order”. For some folks the message that a distributor doesn’t have any more books right now simply translates to “oh, that title’s out of print” and “the publisher didn’t print enough”.  Neither of those things are true, since we still do have books available for sale both to distribution and direct to customers, and because we’ve already got that reprint ball rolling to make sure we minimize any short-term out of stock situations that arise.

So, let’s be clear about this: The Dresden Files RPG books will not be out of print any time soon. We’re committed to keeping the product available for purchase for as long as it’s financially viable to keep doing reprints (and as long as Jim will let us).

Six thousand copies was already a pretty ambitious number for a roleplaying game in today’s RPG market, but thanks to the fans we’re on track to smash that figure in another few months (maybe less), and are setting our sights on smashing more figures after that. Thank you all!