Heroic ZenCart Upgrader Sought

So, the Evil Hat webstore is on ZenCart 1.3.8; I’d like to get it upgraded to the latest 1.3.9 branch, but that looked like a real pain the last time I investigated, and moreover, the kind I might not have the time (nor, importantly, the temperament) for.

If I recall correctly, there’s a lot of “write down your various module config infos, uninstall the modules, then reinstall them after the upgrade” BS involved; I’d want the Super Orders module reinstalled after the upgrade, and I’d also like then to look into getting another payment option or two installed — possibly Amazon Payments (since I’m going to end up with an Amazon Payments account anyway if I’m planning for Kickstarter fu down the road).

Someone who’s done an upgrade before would be preferred, so we can take advantage of that person’s prior experience making “entertaining” discoveries about the snags in the process. Minimized downtime is key.

So: are you someone who could do this work (please share your relevant experience)? And how much would it cost me? (We don’t have a lot of money for this, but free Evil Hat products can certainly be incorporated in the compensation package…)

Let me know!