Halloween Surprise: Hocus Focus!

Occult Chicago. Beneath the surface there are movers and shakers, magics and artifacts, all hidden from mortal eyes. There’s so much right there for the taking — money, power, fame, respect — it feels like all you need to is just reach out and grab it. And that’s just what you intend to do. You’ve got supernatural powers, a foolproof plan, and then? Easy street. What could go wrong?

Lurking at the intersection of The Dresden Files RPG by Evil Hat and Fiasco by Bully Pulpit, Hocus Focus is a Dresden Files themed playset for Fiasco – with a twist. You play the monsters — and your schemes are under investigation by Harry Dresden. Explore the Dresden-inflected fun when bad things done by bad people go very, very badly indeed!

You can download the free play-set from DriveThruRPG – or buy the special discounted bundle of The Dresden Files RPG: Your Story from Evil Hat and Fiasco from Bully Pulpit that includes the Hocus Focus playset and save $7!