Golden Gorilla Awards – January 2015

Golden-Gorilla-800pxThe Golden Gorilla award goes to…

The Golden Gorilla award is our tongue-in-cheek way to recognize spectacular work above and beyond the call of duty here at the Hat. Because what says “good job” better than a virtual primate made out of precious metals? But seriously, we really do appreciate it when our talent goes the extra mile, and we want to make sure everyone knows it. Our January Gorillas are as follows:

The Golden Gorilla for Editing like a Superhero goes to…Amanda Valentine! Amanda has had a hand in so many projects this month that we honestly lost count. She’s singlehandedly saved many of us from committing dastardly crimes against the English language, and for that, we are incredibly grateful.

The Golden Gorilla for Grimsical Speed goes to…Sophie Lagace and Karen Twelves! Sophie and Karen have been under tight deadlines on the War of Ashes RPG, and they’re killing it. As in turning around drafts in a single day. Yeah. A DAY.

The Golden Gorilla for Leading the Creative Charge goes to…Brian Engard! Brian’s stepped into the role of Creative Director on a number of complicated projects. This is a process that we’re developing as we go, and he’s been instrumental in helping us figure out what needs to happen to keep everything working smoothly.