Golden Gorilla Awards – December 2015

Golden-Gorilla-800pxThe award goes to…

The Golden Gorilla award is our tongue-in-cheek way to recognize spectacular work above and beyond the call of duty here at the Hat. Because what says “good job” better than a virtual primate made out of precious metals? But seriously, we really do appreciate it when our talent goes the extra mile, and we want to make sure everyone knows it. Our December Gorillas are as follows:

The Golden Gorilla for Beautiful Pilgrims goes to…Daniel Solis! Daniel’s done some gorgeous work on layout and art direction for Do: Fate of the Flying Pilgrims. If you’ve never seen layout in action, check out some of his work here.

The Golden Gorilla for All the Hats goes to…Amanda Valentine! Once again, she’s juggling a bijillion projects and doing it all with grace and professionalism.

The Golden Gorilla for the Mentorship Superteam goes to…Mike Olson and Lore Graham for being the first mentor/mentee to finish a Fate World of Adventure draft. Teaching and writing at the same time is a tough process, and they owned it.

The Golden Gorilla for Accessible Awesomeness goes to…Elsa Henry for completing the second draft of Fate Accessibility and wrangling together a team of five new writers. This is a project we’re particularly excited about, and we’re incredibly grateful to Elsa for helming it!

The Golden Gorilla for Sticking with Bubblegumshoe goes to…Emily Care Boss and Lisa Steele! This has been one of those long-haul projects, and they’ve been tirelessly making revision after revision and working to fill in all the gaps.

The Golden Gorilla for Leaping into Project Management goes to…Sophie Lagace for taking on a new hat as project manager. She’s already making her mark on four projects in progress while also working on her own Fate World of Adventure and working on Fate of Cthulhu.