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Sally Slick, Spirit of Ingenuity

Sally Slick, Spirit of Ingenuity

Got a gadget you need built? Sally Slick’s your girl. With a gob of elbow grease, her signature box-end wrench “Mister Fix-It,” and Sally’s never-ending wellspring of sticktoitiveness, you won’t find anything that Sally can’t build.

Sally was born a daughter with seven brothers on a windswept farm in the Midwest (just down the road from her friend, Jackson “Jet” Black), and yet while growing up she managed to fix things that even her siblings and father could not repair. Soon it became about not just what Sally could fix but about what strange and wondrous devices she could invent, scribbling designs on the old barn wall and cribbing parts from nearby farms. When her father found himself unable to afford an early Fordson Model F tractor, she went ahead and built her own: a beast of hissing steam and crawler treads, no assembly line required!

Wasn’t long before teen Sally found herself called to duty late in the Great War, having to prove herself all over again, this time to a whole new band of “brothers.” But prove herself she did, giving her fellow soldiers the edge they needed. As bullets like lead bumblebees whizzed by her head, she improvised everything from lightning guns to rocket boots, taking the war up out of the trenches and into the sky.

Now Sally serves as a proud member of the Century Club, featuring those exceptional human heroes—the true spirits of the century—who battle the depredations of the callous and unmerciful Shadows. But all is not perfect: Sally has grown restless in her role, in part because of her unreturned (and utterly unknown) feelings for her cohort, the smuggler and social gadfly, Mack Silver. Worse, Sally’s unrequited love for Mack blinds her to the feelings of her old friend and fellow Centurion, Jet Black.

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Chuck Wendig is the author of Dinocalypse Now, which is set in the same universe as the Race to Adventure! board game. Chuck is the author of the novel Double Dead and the upcoming Blackbirds (May) as well as a series of books on writing advice available for purchase at his website, terribleminds.