Fate Core

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One of the best things about Fate Worlds is that it isn’t ONE story. It’s ALL the stories, or at least enough of them to keep your gaming group busy for the next ten years or so. Want specifics? We’ve gotcher handy-dandy list of settings right here!

Story StripeTower of the Serpents by Brennan Taylor

Are you intrigued by the sample fantasy scenarios in Fate Core? Of course you are. But never fear—you’ll have the chance to battle the Scar Triad just like Cynere and Zird. In fact, why not play as Cynere and Zird? This setting provides everything you need to explore the Darkside, where the sun never shines, and steal the Idol of the Hellaq out from under the noses of the bad guys. (Volume 1: Worlds on Fire)

White Picket Witches by Filamena Young

On the surface, Moon Island is a modern-day utopia, the kind of place where doors are left unlocked and children play kickball in the streets. The six witchcraft families that run the place wouldn’t have it any other way. Too bad they can’t get along. With this setting, you get the building blocks necessary to create your own Moon Island, plus magical hoodoo systems for six very different lines of witchery. (Volume 1: Worlds on Fire)

Fight Fire by Jason Morningstar

Every hero has a story, and this is your chance to experience it without the risk of smoke inhalation. In Fight Fire, you’ll get everything you need to create realistic emergencies for your firefighter characters. But the story only starts there—when the characters return to the station, they have a whole new set of challenges to overcome. Inter-company politics, home life, physical and mental stresses…this setting gives you everything you need to step into a firefighter’s boots. Not to mention the rest of the gear. (Volume 1: Worlds on Fire)

Kriegszeppelin Valkyrie by Clark Valentine

Evil genius Dr. Walter Schottky has created an army of mechanical monsters, and it’s up to your group of crack pilots to stop him. Engage in dogfights with your scarf flapping heroically in the wind; take out the massive Valkyrie airship, and return to pose for photographs with your fans. You can even choose to play as one of the real-life WWI pilots provided in this scenario. This mini-campaign can be best described as WWI-meets-Battlestar-Gallactica, and yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds. (Volume 1: Worlds on Fire)

Burn Shift by Sarah Newton

In the post-apocalyptic Pure Hills, humans and mutants live side-by-side. It isn’t always a peaceful coexistence, either. Enemies from hostile communities to mutant creatures lurk around every corner. This setting provides a wide variety of character options—human or a mutant with burn shifts, a peacekeeper or warmonger, healer or slaver. Band together despite your differences to reclaim the land. The possibilities, and the shifts, are endless.  (Volume 1: Worlds on Fire)

Wild Blue by Brian Engard

Cowboys! Fantasy! Superheroes! This setting has a little bit of everything. Life in the Blue Lands is tough—the frontier country is as wild as it comes. And things only get more dangerous when you involve the Folk and the Powers. If you don’t have a special ability, a quick draw, or a Warden in your back pocket, you’re in serious trouble. This setting provides everything you need to play a Warden, putting his or her Powers into play as a wandering sheriff on the frontier. (Volume 1: Worlds on Fire)

CrimeWorld by John Rogers

CrimeWorld isn’t your average crime caper, because let’s face it, crime wears many faces. This supplement, written by Leverage show head writer and co-creator John Rogers, gives you the tools you need to support your choice of underworld. Whether your criminals are space smugglers, postapocalyptic cyborg Yakuza, or Wild West fugitives, CrimeWorld will help you plan their grift. Pick your mark and set the hook. They won’t know what hit them. (Volume 2: Worlds in Shadow)

Timeworks by Mark Diaz Truman

Timeworks is the ultimate corporation in which time travel can be exploited for corporate greed. The highest bidder gains the power to change history…or do they? Because your operatives always have a choice. The question is whether or not an eternity of flight through the annals of time is something you want to undertake. In a Timeworks game, there’s always time for a good conspiracy and a little political maneuvering. (Volume 2: Worlds in Shadow)

The Ellis Affair by Lisa J. Steele

A real-life weird occurrence—the death of an American businessman abroad in 1923 and the subsequent mental breakdown of the man sent to recover his body—serves as the springboard for this international murder mystery. In this Fate scenario, Ellis is a spy who has discovered a frightening secret in the hands of someone with no scruples of selling it to the highest bidder. And the Japanese may or may not be preparing for war… It’s a recipe for disaster, with only the player characters standing in the way. (Volume 2: Worlds in Shadow)

No Exit by Shoshana Kessock

If you like your horror with a psychological twist a la Lost, this is the setting for you. On the surface, the Complex is the ideal place to live, full of amenities and great views. But once you enter, it’s all but impossible to leave. Instead, the characters are stuck inside with nothing to do but rehash a long list of “coulda beens.” What is the Complex? Is it hell? Is it some kind of government psychological experiment? And most importantly, is there any way to get out? Find out in No Exit. (Volume 2: Worlds in Shadow)

Court/Ship by J.R. Blackwell

It’s 1754, and the court of Louis XV of France is in full swing and even fuller decadence. Ladies flock to the court, hoping to be picked to consort with the king. Behind closed doors, gentlemen scientists perform strange experiments. It’s a game-worthy setting on its own, but add an alien invasion to the equation, and you’ve got a whole new level of awesome. In a battle of French monarch versus alien Growth, only the strong will survive. (Volume 2: Worlds in Shadow)

Camelot Trigger by Rob Wieland

The return of the once and future king has long been prophesied, but those prophets missed a very important part of the equation—the big, stompy robots. In the far future, King Arthur leads his mech warriors into space battles, while his queen and his most heroic knight whisper together in darkened corners of their ship. With the assistance of the MerLN program, can Arthur defeat his enemies? It’s up to you to suit up and take to battle. (Volume 2: Worlds in Shadow)